Guest Post (Cell Phones)

by Bryce Rausch, my brother, who writes for the SMSU (formerly SSU) Spur.

Let�s face the facts folks, cell phones are everywhere and will take over the world. I don�t mean to sound like Ted Kazinski or anything but our country has gone cell phone crazy; you�d think that people got a free �Beenie Baby� with each cell phone they bought.

New options have been given to cell phones quite recently to direct phone calls from your land line to your cell phone. Answering machine companies are in jeopardy. Personally, because of my roaring social life I�m rarely home so I need a great answering machine message to impress callers into leaving a message, please cell phones, don�t take that away from me, take my family, take my Beatles CD�s but leave my answering machine!

How crazy are cell phones today anyways? Cell phones perform a plethora of tasks: you can pick your choice of songs to play for your ring, you can play games and I�m not sure but I think it shovels your drive way and mows your lawn, too. What irritates me is people that can not get away from their cell phones for more than three minutes. When I see a potential �happenin’� dude or dudette in the hall and want to show them �props� it is impossible because they’re on the phone.

I guess I just have to move with the times and stick with my Tracfone because I don�t foresee the popularity of cell phones diminishing, but kids, if you love your cell phone so much, why don�t you marry them?

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  1. If you would change your home area… you would save LOTS of MONEY… oh yea… you dont PAY for ANY minutes yourself do you… your dad said to just change your area anyway… I am very tempted…

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