Sad News tearfully brings you this news.

Fr. Ray Otto has died of unknown causes this weekend.

I received this email from my sister :

Hey boys,

Fr. Ray died today, Saturday. Thursday he went to the hospital and said he wasn’t feeling well. They sent him home. Friday his tongue was swollen and he could barely speak. Finally, Fr. Willfred couldn’t take it anymore and brought him back to the hospital where they rushed him to Sioux Falls, but he didn’t make it. His heart stopped on the way to Sioux Falls. Mom thinks the funeral will be Wednesday.


Fr. Ray was the priest at St. Charles Parish in Big Stone City, SD. He was also a great guy and friend. We will miss him.

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4 Replies to “Sad News”

  1. Despite how much he drove me crazy… you couldn’t help but love him… the world will definitely be different without him…

  2. I will never forget his homilies or his nicknames. The funeral will be Tuesday at 2:30 at Blue Cloud Abbey. He will be forever missed :depressed:

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