skin like stone
            not hard and cold
                        but smooth and perfect
                                    and mildly shown
                                                what are you looking at
                                    as you stare into space ?
                        i would say nothing but
            i�m not sure of that
i would ask you but
            the expression on your face
                        has me smitten
            has me brutalized and beaten and cut
you destroy my facade
            like you can only do
                        and only do to me
                                    this love so beautiful and odd
                                                and i see all your cares
                                    i see all of you me you
                        when i see your eyes
and look into your stares

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2 Replies to “Stares”

  1. That is really beautiful! You should buy me a computer, so I can make it my wallpaper ;) Or, I could go around campus and make it the wallpaper on every single computer. But I like the first plan better. Happy “V” Day to me :bounce:

  2. Yeah Miles, i know how much you love spending money, wait, your the cheapest son of a b*%#h that i know. When hell freezes over you can buy me a computer. You should ask your mom to turn down the thermostat. Get it, Get it. Paula guards hell. Get it

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