This is a wallpaper Megan made for me.

The text says, “Love me until the sky falls down…” and it has three butterflies on it.

She made this in MS Paint on my tablet.

Download it at deviantART.

A graphic with a butterfly on it and it says Megan Did This on it

4 Replies to “Butterfly”

  1. M Train!!!!!! Lets see something new. I need something to do while the rest of you have spring break. :(

  2. Um, well Miles, I have never commeted on your site before, but this is it! The big moment I know you were waiting for since I told you I was gonna post on your site!! Well, here it is. Megan’s picture is very nice, although the voice of MadTV’s Stewart the strange little boy came to my cloudy mind “Look What I Can Do!!”

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