We both lie on our backs, facing the golden disc in the sky. The long, green grass is soft and cool against our warm, summer-kissed skin.

We stare up at the sky. Thousands of white, cotton-fluffed clouds skirt across a deep blue field. The shapes join and divide into a menagerie of animals, blobs, and household items.

Three butterflies play upon the delicate breath of the wind. When I squint, their colors stretch into a column that reaches above them and dives below them.

I turn my head to look at you, but all I see is your notebook. The wind blows back the cover, and I see something written in sky blue ink.

love me until the sky falls down…

I look, but you’re gone. I squint at the words in your notebook, and they stretch into columns. I pick up the notebook with your command safely nestled within its pages. I vow to keep those words for as long as I live.

I will love you until the sky falls down…

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3 Replies to “Butterfly”

  1. I always feel nervous to be the first one to comment, but I’ve waited all day. So, I am mustering up my courage, and I am going to be the first one to comment.
    I really love this, it is so beautiful. You definately did my cheesy “paint” picture justice. If I had known you could turn my silly “I love Miles forever” pics into such glorious displays of creativity, I would have started messing with your tablet “paint” program sooner. Great Job

  2. Honestly Miles. Post about something or just tell us all you don’t care anymore. It is starting to piss me off.

    With Love

  3. I like it when you post little stories and wallpapers and poems. You are a over flowing with talent. Must be nice…*sigh* Keep up the good work!

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