Guest Post (Grey Album)

by Bryce Rausch, my brother, who writes for the SMSU (formerly SSU) Spur.

DJ Danger Mouse, what an intimidating name, is a hip hop disc jockey who has not been paying attention to news. He took two musical Gods and mixed them together, unfortunately, he didn�t tell either of the artists. He mixed the rapper Jay-Z�s �The Black Album� and The Beatles� �The White Album.� You don�t have to be an Art major to figure out that black and white makes grey, hence the name of his little album.

He claims it was all in fun and he just wanted to give it to friends and family, �Merry Christmas �Nana�, but he also sold some copies to a record store to get his name out. After that, because of Al Gore inventing that darned internet the music got everywhere.

Guess who wasn�t pleased: Jay-Z and the Beatles. Lennon reportedly rolled over in his grave and Jay-Z was so upset he bought another gun.

Logically, if you didn�t want anymore trouble you�d apologize and get those CD�s you�ve made for �Nana and Booby and plead forgiveness, right? Wrong. Once the Grey Album his the news and EMI records, The Beatles music�s babysitter, and letters from lawyers were released DJ�s pals started up website and made Tuesday February 24 �Grey Tuesday�. There were a plethora of websites posting the album for free download, just to antagonize the RIAA and EMI.

You have to love that. There were over 150 websites posting these illegal tracks!

I am not a fan of the RIAA bullying kids on computers. They push people around, slap enormous fines on them and all in the name of the law. I may have been able to buy that poor Britney Spears and the band Metallica were starving to death for a while, but then I watched �Cribs� on MTV. Their garages are the size of our entire university and they have more vehicles then we have in our parking lot.

Though Jay-Z and EMI may not be happy about this new album, I�m sure they�ll sue until they feel better.

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