FYI (Sex with Monkey)

You may have noticed that in the post where I discussed my birthday, Don’t Go Ape, We’re ReZoovanating, I left an email address in it. The address was [email protected].

I left the address because I implied certain sexual contact between one, Tony Rolfes, and one, Monkey. Now, I was joking. Tony doesn’t have a primate girlfriend. He didn’t get lucky in that monkey enclosure. It was all a joke, and the address would just send the mail to my normal mail.

So, that email address works. Not only that, but I had one person, Missa, send an email to it. Her email, while short, warranted a response (as I don’t want to be a b*hole). So, I took to the internet.

I figured that I should just send her a link. I also figured that it should feature “monkey sex” or “sex with monkey”, but it should not be porn. So, after a google search string that looked like “sex with monkey” -porn -porno -movie -“young girl” -free, I finally happened upon one site.

The site is a blog called Iron Monkey hosted on blogspot. He has a post entitled Primate Sex where he has the following exerpt.

A small but noticeable portion of this site’s traffic comes from those searching for “monkey sex” (a phrase I tend to associate with a line from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer) or, as some searchers quaintly express it, “sex with monkey.” I assume that most of these searches must originate from serious researchers seeking to expand their knowledge of primatology. So, as a public service, I will provide some basic information and links to online resources for further study.

(blush) Call me silly, but that’s the exact way I found his site. I thought that was hilarious. So, as recompense for having such a terrible way to be discovered on the internet, I dedicate this post to him. It’s an interesting post, with good links. Check out the bonobos website.

You will be informed, surprised, and slightly aroused. At least, I was.

[ monkey sex ]/[ tony ]

3 Replies to “FYI (Sex with Monkey)”

  1. I wish I could click on the links, but it took me a half an hour…or more, to get to, then it took roughly another half an hour to open the comment link. I hate technology…more like, I hate slow technology.

    Anyways, maybe someday I’ll get to see the funny links. I am sure they are great.

    Happy Easter Everyone!

  2. HONESTLY, there are two to many posts about me and the monkey. I am starting to think i need new friends.

    Oooo, I can’t stay mad at you. Garsh!

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