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I got an email the other day. It was from my cousin Jenny Brass, on my dad’s side. Jenny is a second cousin. She’s a cool gal, sometimes a little ditzy, always fun. I was surprised to get an email from her because she’s not a very email/internet in-touch kind of girl.

The email was short. It had about a paragraph in it, and it had a link. As it turns out, Jenny has gotten herself a LiveJournal. If you are not familiar with it, LiveJournal is a blog hosting website. It’s a lot like Blogger or Pitas except that the only way to join is to be invited or to buy your way in. It’s an elitist blogging site or sorts. It’s like a nightclub, where you can only get in if you know the owner or if you can afford to palm out a benjamin’.

I haven’t really had a chance to read Jenny’s blog, but it seems like all the other blogs out there. People, deep down, just want to write. They can write about anything. Here at, I have chosen to write, mostly, a particular kind of prose, seeking to entertain through humour. I also throw in poetry, fictional prose, and virus code… I mean wallpapers.

I was really shocked to find that Tony Rolfes has a blog. I’ve withheld the address – you can ask him for it – but I was impressed. Of course, he had to start it for a class. The assignment was to do an online journal of some sorts or have to do something else. Well, Tony took the lazy way out, but it turned out to be a positive endeavor.

He writes regularly, has a nice layout, and has found it to be a nice way to get his ideas across to the world. And here I thought Tony didn’t know how to read! With such a simple outlet, Tony has let the world know just how literate he is. Here is a sample of his genius, from April 4:

This weekend was really fun. We went to Miles play on Friday night. I can’t say it was the most enjoyable play I have ever gone to, but I can say it was the only play I’ve seen Miles in where he only had one line that was something like “Gays Rock!!!” or something like that. You understand Miles. It was a musical with singers that aren’t that good, and you didn’t have any lines. HONESTLY. I envied Jeff because he had a few before we went to the play. At least we got in for free.

After the play was really fun. We played black jack and cribbage. I can honestly say that it was one of the most fun times that I’ve had down in Madison. It was great talking to everyone late into the night. Saturday we lanned it up. I can’t say it was the best lan party I’ve been to, but it was fun non the less. That’s pretty much it for me.

I can’t wait until school is over for the year. I need money and Golf. You can’t live without money or golf. I’ll keep you all informed if any entertaining thing happens to me this week. L8rs

If that can pass as quality internet literature, anything can.

I was further shocked to discover that my girlfriend wanted to start a blog. She’s normally so shy about writing. For instance, she won’t play guitar, sing, write, read out loud, do homework, put on makeup, put on her shoes, dance to music, eat a meal, talk on the phone, or breathe in front of me for fear of doing something embarassing. In fact, I’m not even allowed to know the address to her blog. But, I hear that she writes quite frequently, and that she’s even posted a poem, which I am not allowed to read. I love that girl.

Micro$oft, realizing the value that blogs have to the world, has provided its employees with blog space. Dubbed ““, this site has served as a way for the conglomerate to seem more “human” and “friendly” instead of “threatening” and “scary”. Does it work? It seems to be a thinly veiled way for these programmers and assorted worker bees to talk up their products and sound slightly less �ber-geeky, but some of the stuff is interesting.

So, could any more shocks come? Yes, there is one more shock. This isn’t based on who has a blog (because, c’mon, who hasn’t a blog??) but on who does not have a blog. That would be, my brother, Bryce Rausch.

Bryce’s internet presence has been menial at best. Always on the outskirts of content, some of the sites that he or he and I have authored together comprise a small and somewhat discouraging and embarassing list. It includes his site and a teaser site for The Clintrix, a Matrix parody we had planned on making something up for.

As you can see, on Bryce’s site, he relies heavily on Flaming Text. Flaming Text is a website that allows one to make custom graphics by picking background and fonts and such. It got its name because one of the options is to make text that flames. Thankfully, Bryce removed any flaming text he indeed had on his site. I think it is the cheesiest graphic effect in the world.

But just to show it off, here is in the cool flaming text style! To make it extra cool, I made it big, the background transparent, and my font even had flames built into it.

Maybe that is what’s holding him back. Most blogs do not have places for you to put your pictures unless you pay extra. This is called, in the industry, “webspace”. Tell you what, Bryce. If you decide to do a blog, and need a place for you graphics, I will front the webspace. Because I’m your brother. And I love you. And I’m tired of being your post bitch.

And no, you cannot have my flaming Awayken.

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  1. I’ll put on shoes in front of you…maybe…probably. No, I will, I promise. Tomorrow…yeah, tomorrow I will put my shoes on in front of you.

    Oh yeah, nice post. :bounce:

  2. HAHA
    So I hadn’t read your site all weekend and was like, wow a new post. Ooops Class. And then it was like, wow two new posts, two posts for megan and a new one by Tony. Too much at once.
    Then tony told me it was about me.
    It’s read
    It was in fact about me.
    I feel cool.
    I will have to get a blog and tell you all how cool I feel.

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