By “Tomorrow” I Meant “Monday”!

Megan and I found this great Chinese restaurant on 12th street, in Sioux Falls. The restaurant is called “Golden Harvest”. It’s a sit down place. As you look around the place, you spy dozens of seemingly authentic Japanese/Chinese prints. Some have landscapes, others depict a gathering of people, and two feature very cute pictures of baby animals, like the Panda and Tiger.

We arrived a bit late. They were to close at 9:30, and we arrived somewhere around 9:00. They were bare, speaking for customers, but friendly, speaking for staff. The lady ushered us in, was very nice. Our waitress took our order quickly, and kindly, and we began to get excited about our meal. We had ordered two rolls, one spring, one egg, to serve as appetizers. The appeared home made, and they were delicious.

When they brought our meals, sesame chicken for me and shrimp for Megan, they couldn’t smell better. We enjoyed our meals immensely, tasting a bit of each others, making great note of the location for further visitation. It tasted so good that neither of us could finish our meal in that sitting. We did, however, take our time enjoying the quiet, the calm. The hostess even walked over to us and told us to take our time, there was no rush. Soft oriental music glistened like raindrops around us. It was the perfect scene.

See, it’s necessary to understand the tranquility, the calm of this scene. The oriental people, except maybe Thailand, are peaceful and delicate people. They communicate as much as possible without talking. They sit in silence, finding excessive TV, radio, and internet to be dulling. They are as beautiful as the lands they come from. The reason it is necessary to understand this is the same reason you have to understand light to understand shadow.

That said, my mom’s side of the family is very unChinese. If you have ever met the Miles family, then you can understand “chaos in harmony”. When Megan and I arrived at my cousin Britt’s graduation party, at my aunt’s house in Sioux Falls, the scene we spied was the opposite of that which I described above. People everywhere, noise, shouting, drinking, a little food, TV going, and of course, laughter. If you want a visual description of Irish, come to a Miles family reunion. And, for those keeping track, a reuinion for the Miles family is whenever one or more are gathered together.

This was all that I had started of my first 66 & 77 post. See, I call it that because of this song, Sixes & Sevens by a band called Allen. It’s a good song, and I like the rest of the stuff he has. Check out his page and down some of them hits.

That’s when you get the idea. That’s when you understand that it’s the anti-cliche. – on The National Anthem.

Karma Police is just a joke. It’s the only funny song on the album. A sentence like “Karma Police, arrest this man” actually belongs in a textballoon for a comic strip. – Thom Yorke.

Ok, enough with the random – on to the fandom! After sitting downstairs for ages, Megan came down. “I’m done,” she smiled. “Now, stay here while I shower.” Girls can really take their time when they want to.

Finally it was the reveal! I nicked Jeff’s digicam and we headed upstairs.

If you wish to view the pictures, please visit my gallery. Thank you.

After the reveal, we traveled to Sioux Falls to see the new Harry Potter And the Prisoner of Azkaban. Megan has recently become a fan of the series, though not the books yet. When the movie was over she asked when the next one was coming out. Isn’t she cute? 2005, I said, and quite whining.

On a serious note, however, there was this creepy guy at the movie place. We were in line, standing next to him, and he would talk to us every once in a while. He mentioned how he used to have long hair and a Henna tatoo that stretched all the up his arm. It was tribal art. And he’s been waiting 30 years for the AVP, Alien Versus Predator, movie. I can only forsee the movie being terrible, and so did he, but I didn’t think the comic book would have been very good either.

Then Megan went up to get some snacks. While she walked away, I felt decidedly uncomfortable with the man. Then he snickers and says, “Good job.” I realized that he was referring to my girlfriend. “No, really. That’s nice,” and he gave me a thumbs up. Oh my God. I didn’t know what to do or say, so I just laughed it off and began praying for the line to get going. I mean, what kind of middle-aged guy stands alone in a line for the new Harry Potter? Ok, I probably would. But who kind of middle-aged guy is scoping out 18 year old girls? The creepy kind that’s who.

We should have suspected something. The Carmike theatre, where we saw it, is the ghetto, white-trash version of the Century. It’s only a dollar cheaper. West Mall 7 is much cheaper and a lot cleaner, open, and friendly. The Carmike Theatre is a shady place, folks; don’t go there. As Megan put it, “No offense, but geeks work here.” No offense, indeed.

…new bottom text!

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  1. Well hello there,

    I’m glad you like my songs.

    I’ve been keeping my eye on this site since I found you in Allens’ Fanlist on Garageband. I’ve been working in isolation for so long I’m finding strange and exciting to see my songs taking on a life of their own in the outside world.

    I’ve been grappling with this one all week: My mother told me she took my CD to her AquaAerobics class. There is now a group of 50-something women in a small town in the mid-north of South Australia doing AquaAerobics to my music. I bet Thom Yorke can’t say that.

    I’m working on four new songs at the moment. When I’m finished, I’ll post them on my website and begin reviewing the 120 songs I need to post on Garageband.

    Thanks again.

  2. i like the new upstairs. i have eaten at the golden harvest. real good stuff and atmosphere. highly recommend to everyone. nice beard

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