Jason Allen Day

This almost became another post title with one of these, !, in it, but I held back my excitement. Then I decided to change my post title altogether, to sound less junior highish. I actually started to comment on my own site, right under his comment. See, I was checking to see if anyone had anything to say about my new room. And for a long time, no one did. Then I noticed on lone comment. I eagerly click the link and wait for the popup window to load, admiring the beauty that is my new stylesheet.

Up pops a rather long comment, considering what I normally get. I was shocked and began reading. It said:

Well hello there,

I’m glad you like my songs.

I’ve been keeping my eye on this site since I found you in Allens’ Fanlist on Garageband. I’ve been working in isolation for so long I’m finding strange and exciting to see my songs taking on a life of their own in the outside world.

I’ve been grappling with this one all week: My mother told me she took my CD to her AquaAerobics class. There is now a group of 50-something women in a small town in the mid-north of South Australia doing AquaAerobics to my music. I bet Thom Yorke can’t say that.

I’m working on four new songs at the moment. When I’m finished, I’ll post them on my website and begin reviewing the 120 songs I need to post on Garageband.

Thanks again,

Jason Allen.

Holy Crap! Jason Allen posted on my website! And, unfortunately, I posted about one line about him. I never thought he’d actually come to the site, let alone several times, let alone comment, let alone comment incorrectly, allowing his name to appear twice which I then fixed to make it look nice and then had to fix again so the link would pop in a new window!

I think that I can safely say Radiohead music is not for aqueous recreation. If anything, most of the songs would depress the Aerobickers, and possibly cause some to attempt to drown themselves. This would be fine if the class was competition, and you were Jason’s mom, but it is not good for the overall morale of the class. In fact, I think Thom, himself, is a very poor swimmer and has almost drowned on several occasions, including MTV’s Spring Break. That, ladies and gents, is not a joke: it’s a fact.

You’re probably thinking, why didn’t the rest of the band comment on your side? What I failed to mention about the band, Allen, is that it has only one member: Jason. If you went to his GarageBand site, you probably read this:

I started playing guitar at age 8 and started writing and recording music at age 15. I completed a Bachelors Degree of Music at Adelaide University, South Australia, majoring in composition, in 1995. At university I wrote experimental music based on the works of John Cage. In 1999 I completed a Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Music Technology at Latrobe University, Melbourne, Victoria and began working as a professional Sound Engineer. In 2002, my wife and I moved temporarily to Bern, Switzerland, where I have locked myself in a small room with my equipment and have been writing and recording ever since. I am currently preparing to play live in Bern and possibly other venues in Switzerland. My live act consists of stripped-down rock arrangements of my studio work performed on electric guitar and vocals, with some songs including backing tracks on CD. If any kind souls would like to help me organise some gigs in London, that would be fantastic.

In honor of this unexpected comment I am declaring today “Allen Day”, and I will only listen to his music my entirety of being at work. Not only that, but I’m going to burn a CD of his stuff to give to Megan to listen to. Not only that, but I already did it.

Please, go to his site; download his tunes; enjoy his music. And try to figure out if he has an Australian accent or a Swiss accent. Food for thought.

…a glorious day for all!

4 Replies to “Jason Allen Day”

  1. i dont pretend to be hip when it comes to music, and the other stuff miles listens to. but im gonna check this out. i never get a day or post about me, so in relative value he must be really good

  2. This is the third time I’ve triwed to make a comment. It doesn’t seem to be working. Bear in mind I’m a bit clueless when it comes to the web.

    Anyway, Thanks! I’m thrilled you like my tunes. I’m flattered and encouraged. Feel free to drop me a line and join my mailing list.

    I’m working on a whole load of new material at the moment and I can let you know as soon as it’s ready to go.

    Thanks again,

  3. Aha! Got it! Google pop-up blocker was stopping me!

    Oh, I have an Australian accent, by the way. It’s not as ridiculous as the Crocodile Hunter’s, but it’s Aussie nontheless.


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