ERP (Day One : Sunday)

So, I’m sitting in the same room I used to have my Data Structures and Org & Arch in. There are three other people here. Sitting in front of me is a PeopleSoft instructor. Her name is either pronounced Michael Lynn or Mishulinn but it is spelt neither way. In the same row, on the left side, is a Texan instructor whose name is Willie but it actually a black woman. At the front of the class is a Canadian man named Peter Morgan who, I’ve noticed, makes all his ‘o’s long.

This is the Human Resources track for the CRESH ERP Summit 2004. I work at CRESH, Center for Resource Enterprise Systems Hosting, here at DSU, Dakota State University. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. A Summit is the top of the hill. 2004 is a number slightly larger than 2003 and slightly smaller than 2005.

This is the 2nd annual attempt at this summit. See, CRESH is a PeopleSoft hoster. We have PeopleSoft software on some computers here, and we let other Colleges use it for a price. Oh, and then we make everything work all the time. The summit serves as a way for professors to talk about techniques they use, ways they teach, and tips/tricks/hints with the help of these certified PeopleSoft instructors.

I wish I was just watching. No, instead, I am helping run this thing. Key word is “flexible”. When I first was told about this, I heard that there would be an Intro to PeopleSoft/CRESH/Everything track. Mike says, “Put together a PowerPoint.” So, I started to work on the PowerPoint. A couple of days later Mike says, “You’re going to teach the track.”

Time passes.

Mike says, “It’s going to be four hours on Sunday and Wednesday, and it’s going to be 8 hours on Monday and Tuesday.” Panick passes. To tell you the truth, folks, at CRESH I am the weakest link, so to speak. When it comes to technical, that is, I am the weakest link. So, I’ve tried to be important in other areas, read: PR papers, but suddenly I had to teach this stuff to other people. I work and work and work on it, in between making name tags and drinking tickets and phone calls.

Then, Mike says, “Turns out it’s 4 hours everyday.” So, I rethink, realign, become flexible. So, some of the days get crammed, but it’s okay. Everything is working well; I’m happy. I have the PowerPoint done, but now it’s only for one day, the Portal and CRESH intro. Then I have these things called EUTs, End User Training, and I figure I’ll do these and have people watch me. It’s just a matter of cutting them down.

Now, Mike says, “There might not be any intro track.” Is this relief? Actually, it kinda is. I was so nervous. I don’t really feel confident in my PeopleSoft skills. I feel confident in my b.s., make it up skills, but these people might know something whereas the people in my Org & Arch class knew nothing about my watch, so I could lie all I wanted.

It may still be on, but for now I sit. And take notes. And wait.

…tomorrow, Day Two (most likely)!