Well, the ERP summit was a success. It closed on Wednesday to smiling faces and promises of return. During the week, I really got to know the instructors who came. It was a bit like summer camp, where everyone shows up at a central location where they stay overnight, everyone bonds, makes s’mores around a roaring fire, discusses how a Human Resources roadmap must not only include query and reporting but it should be a seperate section, and then finally says “Bon Voyage” (if they are french) and gets the hell out of my state.

*content sigh* Next year I probably won’t be so stressed. Not having any idea what to expect, but having to expect any idea, was a bit nerve-wracking and I didn’t like it one bit. Next year that would be different. I will know what to expect, and I’ll be a lot more advanced with PeopleSoft software. It’s funny. Some companies spend millions of dollars on this stuff, and I just goof around with it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

all ready?
we’ll all float on
don’t you worry
we’ll all float on

As it turns out, the Skipper’s guy is catholic. There was a strange twist. But I think that maybe he doesn’t get along with his wife. Or she left him. Or she’s dead. Or he never had one. Cause, maybe that’s why he’s so bitter at everyone. Plus, there was no mother, only a couple of daughters. Maybe he’s also bitter that his deceased wife never gave him any sons. That seems a little “King-of-England” to me, but it could be true. The Skipper’s name will not live on in his family. It’s up to his drunk, redneck brother and delinquent nephew to do that.

Also, my posts have gotten more random.

See, summer makes it hard for one (being me) to keep one’s (my) train of thought. I start a post and then completely change direction, often keeping the original title. Sometimes, if I look back at the title, I can remember what it was that I wanted to write about in the first place.

Megan’s birthday was also a success. I think she had a really good day despite the test she had in College Algebra and having to work. We did have a good time, though. I got her a book, a shirt, and a DVD. I also wrote her a song, but I don’t think I’m going to ever perform it for her. I get insecure about my music, so it’s probably best if I stick to bad covers. The lyrics are nice, though.

I like Modest Mouse. Their new album is really good. I know that everyone is getting into them now that MTV is on the boat, but I could care less what MTV has to say. They are also paying the new Franz Ferdinand song to death, and people are going to get sick of it, and Franz is going to have to pull a miracle to get out of that death dive.

Megan received, among other things, a book on learning Japanese. She also got a tape set to teach Japanese. This present has me excited. I don’t know anything about Japanese. I really want to learn though. First cool thing: bread is the same in Japanese as it is in Spanish: pan.

Well, I think that’s all for now. Spider-Man 2 on June 30th! I’m so excited I have to change my pants everytime I think of it.


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  1. Hi Miles, FYI, I’m still a reader. As for the Skipper’s guy, his wife is mentally ill and left him and his children for a younger man. She didn’t want to be a mother anymore, so he had to sell their house and now the family has to live in the apt. above the business. Oh, and I believe the wife does have a son, but he lives with his daddy which she also left. Just in case you wanted to know…

  2. Well, I was going to talk about how I liked Modest Mouse too, and the song “Doin’ the Cockroach” is probably my favourite Modest Mouse song…

    However, all this talk of the Skipper’s guy and his mean wife really kind of threw me off… umm… thanks a lot girl named jenny who I don’t know.

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