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It’s almost been a week and I haven’t seen Spider-Man 2 again yet. Life is getting darker as we speak…

Had a family reunion. It went well, except that I hate typing that word because I always want to spell it “reuinion”. Made up a fictitious band that I will post about later. Megan had a crap weekend.

All in all, I’m the only one in the office again. You know what that means? Nude typing. Heh. Alllllllright.

… giggity!

4 Replies to “Aftermath”

  1. i was thinkin. we should start a word file or something and every get together, i.e. rausch reunion we keep track of all the inside jokes and see how it looks as the years go by. I think it’d be interesting.

  2. This is Timmy’s girlfriend here… can I have my picture on the album cover? Can I, huh? “Dreamssssss….” Quick-Name Game! “Our Lord and Savior” … uh – not Spiderman. :wink:

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