Wallpaper [] Night Raven

Ode to a Night’s Raven

Vous ne dormez pas.

RAVEN of the dark
only the deep blue rest of the sun
affords your comfort –
pinpoints of distance, heat, life –
“a canopy with holes punched in it” –
this background is your playground.

no one claims you
only the tree you call home is yours
and you belong to it,
solitary RAVEN of the slumber hours

a wastrel moon, a wasting moon
spotted like a wild creature, but muted
and hanged
like a wild beast instead
this sits as your watcher
a silent laconic guardian

you glide on wings, oh RAVEN, of purest coal
You are black, feared, hated, yet respected.
you wear a corbie suit but a human demeanor
and as You glissade en l’air to your bed
i glissade à terre to mine
and rest in ravenous dreams;
                 hungry creatures of night.

Ils sont vos enfants.

You can get the deviantART download or get it in the gallery, under “Wallpapers”.

…it’s a bird!

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