It started with Megan saying that we were going to Sioux Falls for a surprise trip. We had planned on going on Friday, to see Spider-Man 2 again, and to do some shopping she needed done. This was only Wednesday, though. I was immediately wary.

It actually took a lot of mind work to get that out of her. Then she got irritated with me for a while. I tried to get out of her what I wanted, but she wasn’t having it. She used the guise that it had been our 9 month anniversary on July 4th and that she was taking me out to celebrate.

If you know Megan, then you know why I was suspicious.

There was much drama about where to eat. She wanted me to pick. I wanted to eat at HuHot. The problem with that is that the last time we ate there, she had the flu. So, no when she thinks of HuHot she feels sick. We finally at at the Olive Garden, which was actually very reasonably priced. I thought it would be much more than it actually was. And best thing: she payed.

She still hadn’t told me the real reason for coming to Sioux Falls. She simply stressed that it had to be our last stop. Hmm… I tried my best to get it out of her, but she wasn’t having it. I kept bugging here throughout all the stores we went to. Through the mall, the drives, and finally in front of Best Buy she let a hint slip. I said, “Why won’t you tell me?” She said, “Because if I tell you, you’ll try to stop me. You don’t think I’m responsible enough.”

That was it. Ever since Jeff almost got a kitty Megan has been lamenting the dorm’s “No Pets” policy. The policy pretty much limits your pet selection to fish or crabs, neither of which are very cute or cuddly. I had never said that she wasn’t responsible. But if she were to get a pet, like a kitten, it would have to stay with me (assuming my new place allows pets). That would mean that I would probably end up being the sole care provider, and I don’t have time for a kitten.

I knew it was a pet, but I didn’t know how she was planning on keeping it when the school year came. Megan never ceases to amaze me, though. We finally get to the pet shop. We look at the puppies, fish, birds, bunnies, and people. Then she shows me the kind of pet that she wants, and its perfect. Megan wants a turtle.

The hitch at this part is that a turtle was quite a bit more expensive then she had wished for. In fact, the kind we were looking at was $50. The problem is that Megan doesn’t have $50. She gets paid next week, but that’s not going to help her now. With a sad heart we headed home. I started a surprise plan of my own.

The next day we went to Sioux Falls again, and picked out the turtle. I knew that I would end up playing with and holding and loving this turtle, too, so I decided to pay for half of it. So, I decided to become the proud co-owner of a new turtle. I know what you’re thinking, some of you (mom), but a pet is not like having a child. And Megan and I co-owning a pet isn’t like getting married and having kids. It’s just a turtle! Calm down already.

That having been said, there have been problems when a couple buys a pet and then breaks up. But Mike seems fine now, so everything worked out great. And we’ll even bring Haji to work sometime so he can see her.

Anyway, back at Mini-Critters we talked to this guy named Ajay for about an hour. I don’t think he gets a lot of customers (turtles aren’t a hot commodity) and so he wanted to tell us everything he absolutely could before we left. The total cost came to about $120. I figure, I made over $1,000 on my last paycheck, I can afford $60 startup cost on a turtle.

So, now she lives at my place (a much better environment than Megan’s cold, cramped house). Her name is Haji, which is Japanese for “hold”. This isn’t as in, “Hold me, I’m just a scared turtle”. It’s more like, “Hold onto her or she’ll leap out of your hands.” She’s spunky and really active. She also gets grumpy if you come home from lunch to see how she’s doing, and you think she’s dead because you’ve never seen her sleep before, and you go to rub her leg. Then she’ll hiss at you.

Haji is a three-toed box turtle, Terrapene caroline triunguina. She is native to places like Missouri. Hence, she loves it humid, overcast, and warm. We let her play outside, and she loves it. She’s always moving, unless she’s in her aquarium. I think we should have done some research before we bought her, because now I’m rethinking living quarters, and I could have saved us $10.

She eats crickets sprinkled with calcium. So do I.

As soon as I can, I’ll have pictures of her up here. I’m sure Megan will steal them and put them on her site, too. What a copy cat. I had this post written first, but she wrote less so she could get done faster. She even tried to say that Haji is “all hers” and not “half hers”. And I say, “Then you can get your dirty turtle out of her before I cut her open.” That shuts her up. In a hurry.

…I got a turtle!

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  1. If you and Megan think that the house is cold you can turn the AC down :laugh: Whatever is comfortable!!!

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