Journeys Cold

Journeys cold or so I’m told
take weeks and months until you’re old
And when ripe agéd you become
behold here comes another one.
With pack and hat and staff and shaft
you find your way to that which hath
no slight apparent or otherwise
path for journey or disguise.
“Promise promise!” sass the lass
and stash her past within her brass.
But what foley has begun
mass hysteria for all and one.
“Do it” “Don’t It” blew it, won’t it
bounce on back – you knew it, won’t it
return to right – shoot it, mount it
dead is done – blew it. Count it.
Persons of a certain sort (cough)
Will find the urgent said retort.
And with the noblest of air
I reply with, “I don’t care.
Be it, see it, as it may,
I will live another day.”

2 Replies to “Journeys Cold”

  1. It’s defiant yet sa. Makes me wanna scratch my eyes out and bleed all over humanity.

    -Harry Salamander, Washington Post

  2. I really like the new look. No more Spiderman, huh? Did you know Justin Jung has a Spiderman tattoo on his arm?!

    I really enjoyed this poem. Very Impressive. It makes me want to cry though…I wonder why…. :heart:

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