I Have a Cabbage For a Head

Well, there has been a lot of change recently. I know that some of you have heard snippets of what has been going on in my life and are foaming at the mouth for more. Well, in an exclusive “Extra Extra”, I plan on giving you all that you hope and desire for.

1. Megan and I went on a break

I won’t lie, I didn’t like this change much. The word “break” makes one (one like me) think of Spring Break, the most famous break of them all. This conjurs images of bakini-clad, reservationless partially educated females all wrestling with each other in a mud volleyball pit. At least that’s what my spring break was like. But, no. “Break” in this usage is more akin to the “break” you get when you fall from the top of the playground equipment and, in trying to dive through the tire swing, you end up stopping your momentum with your collar bone. It was about that fun, too.

2. Haji has a site

Megan and I have begun a blog devoted to our wonderful turtle. No, there still aren’t any pictures, but we update the Haji site every once in a while, with little or much to report. There is either a lot going on in her life or not much at all. The page devoted to her is called Hold Me (A Blog for a Turtle Named Haji), and it is on Blogspot.

3. I have a new site

In order to be able to post as myself on Haji’s site, I had to create my own blogspot blog. So, I did. I call it

Shooting Stars and I devote it to all things artistic and awful. So far there are only two posts, and both are movie reviews, but there will be more, trust me. With my passion for movies and music, I’ll be using this baby to shoot down the worst of both. I don’t even know why I have anything more than 3 stars.

4. I have a new place to live

Jeff had recently informed me that he found a place we might like. We do like it. It has a lot of nice features. It kind looks like, at one time, it was a house with two floors. Then they built a front walkway on the outside of the house leading to the upstairs, chopped the house in half, called the top part “212 1/2” and started selling it as an upstairs apartment. You can see where the steps were. Despite this, it is still nicer and cheaper than the house we live in now.


  • windows that open
  • windows that face every direction
  • available parking
  • close enough to campus
  • landlord actually lives in the town
  • overhead lights in every room
  • mostly the same carpet
  • tile bathroom
  • most importantly: two bedrooms


  • the shower seems to be a bit of an afterthought, and Jeff has to duck to use it
  • a bit smaller than a house
  • no apparent control over heat

As of yesterday at around 3:30pm, we became the next lessees of the place. Our lease with them begins August 1st, 2004, and ends July 31st, 2005. I have a good feeling about this new location. And we’re still on Harth, right across from Dairy Queen.

5. I bought my first Pink Floyd album

I bought “Wish You Were Here” the other day. I am in total love with this album. I’ve learned to play “Wish You Were Here”, too. It’s not a very difficult song, and it sounds great. Radiohead (well, Thom Yorke at least) did a cover of the song for a compilation CD their label put out. In fact, I’m listening to the album right now. The album opens with “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part I)” and closes with “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part II)”, which, combined, take up 26:09 minutes. There are some albums out that there that don’t last that long.

6. I saw Phantom of the Opera

My parents saw it when I was in Junior High and, of course, they bought the Broadway studio recording of it. Flash forward to my Senior year of College and I have the entire damn thing memorized. I can recite all the pauses, tremolas, and music. So, going to see it live at the Orpheum was destined to be a great experience and a disappointing one. It was great to see it, finally, but it was disappointing that it wasn’t exactly what my memory said it would be.

7. I have a bunch of Kids in the Hall episodes

I was looking around the internet and discovered this website that has a lot of bit torrent files for different TV shows. One of the shows that he was religous about is Kids in the Hall, or KITH. I love KITH. The site is called #digitaldistractions, and if you have a bittorrent client, he has good rips of a great show. It doesn’t seem cost effective, however, to make VCDs of the episodes when they have it on DVD.

8. I became vegatarian

No, I didn’t. I’m just kidding. I couldn’t live without steak or chicken.

9. I shaved my beard

That’s right I did. Some of you didn’t even know that I had one. And it may grow back before some of you see me clean shaven again. So, for you guys, you can skip this one or pretend you didn’t read it.

10. I’m going to get my own webspace

Most of you know that “awayken.com” quickly becomes “awayken.lazydesert.net” in your webbrowsers. No, this isn’t the result of alien activity; it’s what’s called a “redirect”, in web terms. It means that I bought the name “awayken.com” and all it actually does is force you to go to another website. Well, I’m looking into buying my own webspace, so that I will no longer writhe under the shadow of the conglomerate known as the Lazydesert. That, and I plan on converting the entire site to a dynamic PHP model. That’s right – I will soon have much more control over you… er, the site.

10. Megan and I are back together

Don’t ask me to explain because I don’t get it. I just smile, nod, and squeeze her little cheeks until she hits me. I think it has something to do with her being broke now. But she’ll hit me for that, too.

And now, it’s Friday, and I have yet another family reunion. This one is for my mother’s side. It should be a good time. And if it’s not, I’ll slaughter the entire lot of them.


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  1. Dude, what a full and fulfilling life you lead. Color me awed. Also, just got cable internet in my apartment and I’m uber stoked. It’s nice to be a part of the real world again.
    take care, hope the Miles reunion was a blast-a-rooner.

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