Welcome to Wintern!

Well, it’s finally done! The site is complete!

I’ve done a lot of improving, much of which you will probably never notice, but (trust me) I will. The site is now entirely PHP based. Not a scrap of HTML or SHTML to be seen. Well, not exactly, but you get the idea.

I have a completely new idea of doing things now, which makes it much easier on me to add new Poetry, Prose, and Image items. You will also notice the “modules” along the sides. These are also a new addition and very handy. I will add and subtract these as they become useful. Be sure to explore them all.

I have a game now called “Dragon Knight”, see the right panel. This game was freely posted on the internet, PHP-based, and not too bad. It’s reminiscent of those old text adventure games. Hey, it was free.

I will probably add and subtract “modules” as I care to. Modules that I wanted to include were:

  • Weather
  • Clock
  • Current Location
  • Send comments
  • Shoutbox

I had a Shoutbox a long time ago, and never quit got it working. Now that I understand PHP a lot more, I should be able to get it functioning. But, please, explore the site and enjoy. There even more features to come soon, but I wanted to get this out to all of you so you could rejoice in the majesty of Wintern!

…winter in August!

3 Replies to “Welcome to Wintern!”

  1. Cpt. Jesus hates summer, so do I. So it’s no surprise we both agree that we like the site. So Jesus says “Goodeth jobeth yonder Son Miles” and I just say “Right-o”. So either way, good job…. I guess….. *cough*

    I hate summer….

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