PeopleSoft Turns You Into a Mindless Zombie

This is another site update post. I’m working on a lot of things for the site at the moment. Always changing, we are. I changed the poll. It’s not about the theme anymore. It’s about school starting. I also changed the look of the poll so that it will look better across the different styles. I may skin the poll entirely eventually. They made it very “user-friendly” but, for me, “user-friendly” just tends to get in the way of everything.

I removed the weather thing. I’m going to figure out a better weather situation. That module was ugly, and it didn’t look good with the new theme I made. I call it vintage, and it’s inspired by Burger King’s new design campaign. I literally took the colors off of the drink cup I brought home. If you have a Gecko-based browser, like Mozilla or Firefox, you can view the theme by clicking the icon in the lower left hand part of the browser and selecting “Vintage” from the list of items. I will eventually get it up and going, after I figure out a nice “stylesheetswitcher” situation. It may be a sepearate page, or it may be a drop down list or something else entirely.

Also, we have a new poetry author. This author, Shae, has one poem: The World Within. Be sure to check it out.

If you have any poetry or prose or images that you would like to submit, send an email to [email protected], and I’ll get it up as soon as I can.

…submit, fools!

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