Funny Characters

Hey Beaches. What’s up? Those weird characters are a result of the quick-arsed copy-and-paste job I did on that article from DSU’s website. I’m sure a more accredited source would not have resulted in such an error. It’s kinda funny how you all thought your browsers were borked, though, huh?

Good News:

  • I’m still alive
  • Megan made RA
  • New image by Chris Smith in the gallery
  • Organizing a garage sale
  • Working on a new theme for Megan
  • Gonna start on a theme for Bryce
  • Gonna start on a theme for Tony
  • Gonna start on a theme for Haji
  • Working on something new for when you first get to the site
  • Trying to sell my monitor and buy an LCD
  • School’s starting
  • I can type “tulane” faster than anyone alive
  • Learning SQL
  • Finally got to play Thief III
  • In love with “Let Down” by Radiohead
  • I’m only taking 13 credits
  • I’m working on more posts
  • My books didn’t cost near as much as they could have

Bad News:

  • Brenna’s in the hospital
  • Megan’s Grandma is in the hospital
  • Still moving me
  • Still moving Megan
  • Organizing a garage sale
  • SQL SERVER 2000 book by Microsoft for Exam 70-229 sucks
  • I’ve had a headache the last couple days
  • I’ve had muscle aches the last couple days
  • Stress is steadily building
  • Stress is steadily killing

Keep it real, Beaches.


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  1. Hey… I bet you will make Deans list this semester… AND…let me know how much you want to sell your monitor for …

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