Culm News (Combined)

I’m getting sick of these little posts, so I combined the last two with this new one to make a slighly meatier post.

I’m working on some better posts, funny ones, coming up soon. Part II for that music one, of course. And perhaps some more math-themed posts in the future.

Also, my mother noticed that my status says “Single” instead of “Taken (kinda)” like it used to. She mentions this to my brother who calls me while I’m at Megan’s. I can assure you that I mainly did it to see how long it was before anyone noticed. Of course, it had to be my mother.

Seriously, though, please keep Megan in your prayers. She’s going through a very tough, stressful time in her life. She needs guidance from God to help her, and me, through this. I don’t feel awkward telling you, my faithful readers, that Megan is very special to me, and I don’t think a long future is out of the question. I love her dearly, and she needs our support.

Also – I had an business class and dropped it for a computer science class. I have a feeling I would hate business. Well, I have a feeling I would have hated that class at least. Any class that starts with the teacher asking you what you wanted to be in 3rd grade is a warning. This is college. No one gives a damn what you wanted to be when you grew up. They want your money and, in exchange, will grudgingly give you knowledge that should be free.

You have to stick it to the man when you can.

Oh, and I’m learning how to create Winamp skins.

…dios mio!

Classes Started

Well, today is the first day of school for this year. Guess how many classes I have today. Zero. none.


(eat that suckahs)

…eat it!

Sad News

If you are praying folks, then pray for my little sister, Brenna, and Megan’s grandmother, Frances. Both are in the hospital.

There was more that I was going to write, but I don’t feel like it – I have to make out a schedule.


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