London Called. They Want Their Rain Back.

Hey Kids. How’s it going? I know it’s been a long time, but I’ve been tres, tres, tres busy. I know, Bryce, I led you to believe that I really had nothing new, but when I thought about it, a lot is new. I hope you don’t feel “jewed”, but my battery was dying and the phone was burning my face.

There is a lot new, though. My room is pretty much moved in. I know that I’ve been moved in, but, until tonight, I never felt like I could totally feel at home. I do right now. I got a huge pile of papers sorted off of my floor and many of them thrown away. And I feel good.

I’ve also been ripping and burning like crazy. I’ve ripped every CD I own (and I may move on to Jeff’s). Then I started burning VCDs. I’ve managed to find a converter. It doesn’t do so well with the audio, though. It gets off sync pretty quicklike, and sometimes it catches up. The way I figure it, these aren’t permanent. They either won’t be relevant in a couple years or I’ll own the DVDs.

I’ve been reading The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum. It appears to be nothing like the movie. I’m actually quite confused on when, or if, the book and movie will reconcile. There has to be some sort of answer for me. I had read online that the movie was a great adaptation of the book, but I don’t see how that is possible.

I’ve been sketching, too. I love black ink, just wet enough to be messy, but not wet enough to be incoherent. My PeopleSoft pen is perfect. PERFECT. I’m still not good at sketching, but if I draw enough lines in a certain area, it appears as though I’ve drawn something well. If only I could make a career out of that.

There was a LAN party Saturday, and I partook of the festivities. My brother came up, and we had a good time. As Bryce pointed out, the amount of time spent getting a game to work versus the amount of time actually playing the game was about 25:75. This is a lot better than what it has been, which was more like 50:50. Or, as in Dan’s case, 100:0.

It’s been raining here like crazy. It’s like I stepped into Europe, except I still have this crappy foreign policy all over my shirt. Oh, well. It’s nice to have rain. I pretend to hate it, for the kids y’know, but I love it. I love sleeping with the rain-mist floating over my naked supple body. I mean – full body fur suit.

Megan’s good. Thanks for asking.

Haji’s doing okay. She seems sick. I’m hoping it’s just cause she hasn’t eaten in a while. If she dies, I’ll never forgive myself. Or Megan. Or God.

I got my new 17″ LCD monitor. You can adjust height, swivel, tilt, and orientation. It also comes with pen-holders that mount, adjustably, to the side of the frame. AND it has two picture/document holders that you can also mount or mount instead of. I love it, and I have so much more space now. Does anyone want to buy a ViewSonic Perfect Flat CRT monitor. It’s …39″… sideways. And it’s a PF999… 9. Okay. I don’t know the specs, lay off, alright?!

Other than that, the only other big thing on my list is that I’m directing a play. This will probably be my only theatrical involvement this year, as I’m quite busy with other things. The play is called “Downtown”. It’s written by Jeffrey Hatcher, who I’ve found in numerous spots on the internet. He actually has a movie coming out called “Stage Beauty”, starring Claire Danes and some guy.

The play features three people, Brett, J, and Saskia, as they sit around a booth table at a diner. They are all writers, and boy do they know it. There is no blocking – they just sit there. It is all dialogue – talking about everyone who walks into the diner. Below is an excerpt.

Brett. Look at her.
J. Look at her.
Saskia. I thought she was dead.
Brett. Have you read her reviews?
J. She’s been dead for years.

HAHAHAHAH!!!! And it only gets funnier. My only problem is that I don’t think much of the audience is going to understand it. So, the problem is, do I cater to the lowest common denomenator and stress ROFL places, or do I maintain artistic integrity and make assumptions on the audience’s intelligence? I guess you’ll have to come and see for yourself. As we get closer to show time, I’ll put up a time/day/location for this wonderful artistic car wreck.

The characters are arrogant. We come to learn that the reality of their artistic situation is that they are hacks. The equivalent of nosey old maids who do nothing but talk down to those who are out of the circle and talk back to those who are in the inner circle. They “kiss-kiss” those they berate in such an overly-tangible back stabbing that it’s hard to imagine why anyone acknowledges them at all.

It took me three tries to get that “a” word correct.

Alright, you know what? I keep getting interrupted in these posts. I have too many started and I’m sick of just staring at that Get Fuzzy comic. I’ll end this by saying, “Listen to ‘The Unicorns’. They rock. They’re from Canada.”

…quit yer bitchin’

4 Replies to “London Called. They Want Their Rain Back.”

  1. The LAN party was fun. Paticulary when Bryce thought he was walking on water. I got Far Cry and Star Wars Battlefront for the next time we all meet again.

    Plethora, more like PlethorDUH :spiderman:

  2. Ya, the LAN party rocked. It was so awesome my head feels likes it’s going to explode and my eyes are drier than the Sahara.

    I’m listening to the Used. Why? BECAUSE THE CONCERT’S ALMOST A MONTH AWAY…three days and a month away. I am soooo excited…. :mrgreen:

  3. Hi there,
    I am a drama student from South Africa.It was interesting to read your ideas concerning Jeffrey Hatchers ‘Downtown’. I am in the process of producing and directing the play myself as final project. I am very interested in the notions of language especially the eloquance of language and the power in which it commands.Would be interesting to hear more of your ideas/your directorial concept.I am in the process of blocking the piece and do believe it needs to be blocked (movement with intention) in order for it not to become stagnant and deadly. :wink:

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