I Was Born A Unicorn

Well, folks, it’s over. Last night was Coronation here at Dakota State. Some of you may be aware that Megan was in the running for it. She was one out of the five girls standing up there on stage, and she was the tallest. I chalk it up to her 24″ heels.

Her mother and Aunt Teresa came up for the event. It had actually worked out perfectly for her aunt, as she had to be in Sioux Falls on business. Otherwise, she’s from Des Moines. Unfortunately, Megan did not make it to Queen. I had really thought she would. Instead the winner was underdog, Milbank graduate Kelly Torchia. I gave Megan flowers. There were 4 peach flowers and a deep, red rose in the middle. Do you get the hidden meaning? There was also a little card attached with a touching message.

The way they did Coronation was kinda stupid. They had it in the Marketplace and they had it as the “breather” for the Date Auction. That’s right, before Coronation and after Coronation was the purchasing and selling of human beings in the name of “putting the ‘fun’ in ‘fundraising'”. It’s a travesty. The pure, traditional, lauded Homecoming King and Queen smashed inbetween parent-friendly prostitution. I’m sure it was for the benefit of the crowd. Either Coronation benefited from the auction or the other way around. It’s like selling porn at the Louvre to get people to see the Mona Lisa.

I have a new favourite band. They are called The Unicorns. I just bought their CD. They are from canada. I found these guys on Bit Torrent and thought that their name was unique enough to warrant downloading. It led to an obsession. Who says that file sharing is all bad? It’s increased my CD purchasing.

I suggest, if you get a chance, to check out The Unicorns. They have a fine official site with an area to download a 2003 Concert in Montreal. That’s pronounced “mawnt – reel” by the native French. Try not to sound as American as you obviously are.

A butterfly doesn’t have to be caught. She’s even more beautiful when she’s free.

I’ve been quite pleased with my songwriting as of late. It seems to be going well lyrically, musically, and funkadelically. I’m quite pleased with my software engineering project, as well. It’s not functional yet, but I’ve learned a lot, that’s for sure. I have worries that I may not get it done by my set due date. But, then again, what software EVER gets done on time? Not mine!

I tried Linspire operating system and dismissed it. It was nice enough, but if you wanted any sort of software, you had to pay ANOTHER $45. In the words of John Larson, “Michael Robertson is freakin’ insane.” I think that’s a direct quote. I’m trying to use Mandrake 9.0, but so far it doesn’t see my mouse. I’m going to keep trying, though. God save me if I have to go back to logitech, though…

This weekend I also did some canvassing for my father. Have you ever heard of White? Well, if you haven’t, you’re not alone. My mother, father, sister Brenna and I, along with two older couples, cavassed the entire city. This involved handing my dad some brochures to hand out. Most of the city was gone – out duck hunting, I suppose. But there was one couple who was out. And we talked to them. For an hour.

I am not kidding.

I stood there and smiled and nodded and tried to look interested in politics for a goddamn hour, and I’m not sure how well I pulled it off. I am much more in the mood to act on a stage. We did get a lot handed out, though, and I got to take home some fair of my own, including a TShirt and a bumper sticker / magnet. Who says politics isn’t fun? We also got to take some Daschle flyers out of doors where people weren’t home. It is my dad’s belief that “they don’t need those lies.”

My father: fighting for honesty in politics by stealing.

…I missed the ark, but I could’ve sworn you’d wait for me!

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  1. :heart: I know you loved going door to door bonding with your papa and mama and bebe sis! What else would you have been doing that beautiful day… :dizzy: huh… plus… bout time you hit the pavement for this campaign… you are the young Republican after all… :confused:

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