A Minor Repeat

I’m agitated. I’ve been distraught lately. You would think that, with school just starting, it would be all bubbles and stubbles, but it’s not. It’s been hell.

See, there’s been something weighing on my mind. It has to deal with my brother, Bryce. Bryce is a great guy. He’s funny, intelligent, and a great kisser. I mean… has black hair. (ahem) Anyway, that is why this is such a hard post to write, and I’ve put if off for as long as I could.

“It had happened once, how could it happen again?” we thought. “How could he do this to us?” we contemplated. “What did he tell mom and dad?” I asked.

It reminded me of ages ago. Tony says, “Hey, Miles. Remember when I said that Bryce and I have had a bad semester?”


“Well, … let me put it this way. Bryce doesn’t have a major yet, but he has a minor.”

What? You heard right. My brother got another minor. As in “a Minor in possession of alcohol”. As in a fine, a ticket, jail time, execution. This was quite the shock. My brother… sure he was the black sheep, but I had no idea how dark his hair was. I still have no idea.

What would you do if you got a minor? I would think that, faced with the fine, the humiliation, the disappointment, that you would hold off on drinking. I would think that you would take the higher road and just hold off for a while, until your 21, and then let loose. I would think that you would instead focus on more constructive habbits in an effort to keep yourself from, oh, going to jail forever.

Apparently my brother and I do not always think alike. By an anonymous tip, his friend, Ryan, had his place visited by members of the blue persuasion. I commend Bryce on his not jumping off the balcony to escape capture. I also commend him on his being truthful with the police. The police can easily find out if its your first or second offense, and if you lie to them, it gives you less credence in court. I do not commend him on being the biggest smart ass in Minnesota.

We both know, and many of you do, too, that he has to learn to be more respectful if he’s going to survive this court date. The $270 fine might be enough to agitate him right into contempt of court or mandatory sentencing. So, next time you see Bryce, kick him in the butt, and tell him that if he strays from the path, he’ll sleep in Davey Jones’ locker.

And Davey don’t like company.

…put the bottle down!

5 Replies to “A Minor Repeat”

  1. It is a very good thing dad can’t lie to me… otherwise this post would have been a bitter shock. Hard enough going through this for a second time. Made my week wonderful. It is so nice to be proud of your kids. But I understand, as a parent, that children, like anyone, can make mistakes. And that is the first step toward my acceptance of this. I can’t change what happened, but I can love my child and help them to keep repeat occurances from happening.

  2. Whatever happened to good ‘ol fashioned MIC’s. Good ‘ol Minor In Consumptions. No, now it’s MIP’s. What’s that crap?! Minnesota and Nebraska are both gay like that. I miss the old days.

  3. i hate to sound like a jerk, and its ironic that I would be saying this, but sometimes this is a good thing

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