Another Play

Come one Come All! The newest production of DSU is about to begin!

Come see the FreshPerson Showcase!

Miles, great job on directing the one act I saw last night. It was very well done and I really appreciated all the staging work that you did. Great to have you at DSU.

Douglas D. Knowlton, Ph.D.
President of Dakota State University

When: Wednesday (13th), Thursday (14th), and Friday (15th) at 7:00pm

Where: The Trojan Center Underground at Dakota State University

What: Bring a canned good for admission

Why: Because I’m directing one!

Warning: Contains Some Adult Language

Starring some of the most talented FreshPersons that DSU has ever seen (this year)! Directed by over-the-hill, jaded, talentless hacks that found no solace in the art of acting so instead decided to cash in on the directing bullsh- I mean, directed by the veterans of DSU’s theatre program… all four of them!

…don’t miss it!

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