Contemplations Through Tears

the velvet of night
kisses the star,
hugs the moon,
reflects in my tears.
Hatred –
        – of a love –
screams through me.
My words as weapons
    my hate as an instrument.

How did things get so wrong?
How did I lose you?
Perhaps you lost me.
Perhaps not.

Autumn’s lost children,
the leaves,
circle somewhere.
The wind pushes them
        moves them
My heart races
        fury in my blood.
Then: despair. I give up.

No replacements exist
        There is no heart as
drawn to mine        as
bound to mine        as
close to me.

    You are infinity. I see no beginning before you.
Who was I before I heard your voice?
    -Your hurried, nervous speech
    -Your dulcit tones.
Who was I before I saw your face?
    -Your eyes blue like the ocean
    -Your careful curves and shapes.
i know that I existed, as God existed before the earth – but the earth has no memory before God.

I have no memory before youuu

I know
    no life
    no true happiness
    no true sorrow.

Did I exist before you?

Did you exist before me?
Did i exist before you?

Did 4 exist before 2?
Did LOVE exist before God?
No, God is love.
    As you are my love.
Does love hurt?
… hate?
… destroy as it does build?

Is there still love in men too dead to feel stones?
Is there still love in men too old to walk alone?
Is there love for the begger
        the atheist
        the killer
        the hurt?
Love brings shades –
red    blue    yellow
green    orange    purple.

But is there black?

How often are we taught

Do you believe?
7:2    Yes

Is love WEAK or are lovers WEAK?
I know the answer.
    Love(rs) can forswear..can give up.can move on

They can say the worst
    mean the best.

But all for what?
    Stay strong.
    stand up.
I know that strength lasts but in the head.
Do you have a heart of gold?
Do you have a heart of stone?

Be strong for her / him / them / us
Put out your hands
    (young)(old) lovers.
Grasp the rails

Be strong for love.
    And love will be strong

    for you.

This post is not open for misunderstanding.

Author: Miles Rausch

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