A Poem To Whoever She Loves Next

Make sure you tell her every day
how beautiful she is
she never says it herself.

Make sure she lets you see her paintings
or her poetry
you’ll learn volumes about her
from what she puts on paper
or canvas.

Make sure you never forget
she’s a person
she’s been hurt
and yet
she’s survived.

Make sure that, at least once,
you trace her face with your hands
as she stares up at you
head in lap
at three in the morning.

Make sure that you catch her lies
(she smiles and looks away when she does)
or they will get out of hand
though she usually doesn’t mean to.

Make sure that, at least once,
you tickle her under her chin
though she will fight and claw you
it is totally worth it
to hear her laughter.

Make sure that, above all,
you act as her best friend
since she doesn’t have many people
she can trust
with anything.

Make sure you don’t let her
get away with things –
she never had anyone
to make her do anything.

Make sure you don’t take too many things personally
because she doesn’t mean them
she just can’t stop
doing them.

Make sure that
if she loves you
you love her back
you love her completely
you love
her ocean blue eyes
her golden hair
her shapes and curves
her self.

Make sure that
if she loves you
you’re worth
being loved.

I cannot look after her
I cannot be there for her
I cannot be
what I want to be
for her

I have to go away
to put distance in
to put time in
so I can heal
and recover
and fix myself
for whoever I love next.

Author: Miles Rausch

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