Not Much To Report

A lot has been happening in my life lately, but I’m not eager to comment on it. Just keep me and Megan in your prayers.

Guess what came in the mail today: Widescreen Special Edition Two Disc Spider-Man 2 DVD. Preorder rocks. I know what I’m watching all night.

…homework, homemade food, and spider-man!

6 Replies to “Not Much To Report”

  1. WooHoo for “Spiderman 2”!!!!!

    Who else is excited for “Lemony Snickett’s, A Series of Unfortunate Events” the movie?!?! And “Ocean’s Twelve”?!?!

    I know I can’t wait! Good luck with homework!


  2. The infamous Eating Cake scene sums up the Spiderman2 movie for me. I might have to listen to the commentary just to see what they say about that scene.. :spiderman:

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