Novel Update

Technically, I should just give up on this stupid story and concentrate on other things. NaNoWriMo is long (3 days) over by now. I didn’t even upload my manuscript to their word counters. I knew it wouldn’t matter; I’m still way short.

But, you know what? I like this story. And I want to see what happens. Hell, this last Titled Subsection a whole ‘nother main character popped up. I mean, damn! How does that just happen? And there are more suprises to come. This story kinda takes a long time to get going.

So, a new section is up. I don’t think I wrote as much as I wanted to, but I’ve been sitting on this for a while and I really liked the turn it took. I’m sure (well, I hope) I get a lot written over Christmas break. That would be nice.

Other than that not much is going on. My life is still too complicated to put into words and, to top it off, Winter is being stupid. We normally get snow (and a permanent one at that) around Halloween. Now it’s December 3rd and we STILL haven’t had one.

This makes me worried. VERY worried.

So, keep watching the weather, and please keep Megan and I in your prayers. Thank you.

Oh, and, if you have time and low expectations, read [Forget.Me.Not].


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