More Wallpapers

I made some new wallpapers. Well, I made them a long time ago and have just now made enough completions or changes to be able to post them.

fast-forward :

Which one of these rings is fast-forward?

chair :

My wife and I wished I would die
and set about some means.
She had hers and I had mine
but wouldn’t share her scheme.

I tried for days to make the hag
let loose her morbid plan.
“No gun or knife or plastic bag.
I’ll tell you when I can.”

There my chair both strong and fair
became my major prop.
“I’ll tie a noose with love and care
and take my final drop.”

This brought my miss a bit of fits
as laughter wrought her face.
“You’re not as tall as half of it!
The back stands past your face!

“Such a muss and fuss that just
seems like it wouldn’t fare.
I’m sorry, Dear, but fear I must
add books and one more chair!”

‘She could be more rich and free
the sooner I am done,’ I thought.
I stood upon my stack to see
the dilemma I had bought.

The noose, though hanging low and loose,
was just beyond my reach.
My wife just laughed upon such use
and left to make some tea.

I tried and pried and longed to die
but could not grab the rope.
The tea was warm and helped decide
there wasn’t any hope.

I learned to turn away or burn
my plansm despite the dread.
Still for the death I felt a yearn,
Then, I fell over, dead.

hope :

{? It’s: waking up and realizing
                 !really!                                                                  1      2      3
                                                         it was all a dream          [ _ ] [ – ] [   ]
                                                                                             A      T      D
it’s: losing your glasses (?)
                     and wallet ($)
                     and keys (.)
                                     in the exact place you left them
It’s: coming to know that
                         is not a place
                                                             but a state*ment* of *yours*and* mind
                         and you can leave
                                             as IT soots you
it’s: finding that
                 one degree to the left <--                                      we all FREEze                                                                                  --> one degree to the right
                                                                                 we all boILL
             <-- and knowing we/we're/all just right -->
It’s: leaving…and giving up…
                 only to find the most beautiful moon (girl)
                                                                                         has bro———————ken
             that you may find your w.i.n.d.i.n.g. path back to her
a – gan. !}

poker :

This was an attempt at shorthanding a pixel wallpaper.

There are, of course, four variations.

Mataya :

This little miracle is Mataya. I’ve never met her, and I probably never will. She will most likely never know that this wallpaper exists.

It’s terrible how a child under a certain set of circumstances is considered a joyous miracle, and a child under a different set of circumstances is considered a pock mark and a nuisance. Most mothers, after having the child, change their minds if they did feel it was a problem, but society won’t change its mind. A child out of wedlock makes you a whore for getting pregnant. It doesn’t make the man a manipulating rapist (like most often he is), just an unlucky fool.

Love your child, Ruth, and give her the best – always. Make sure she knows two parents and knows love from both. You’ve seen what happens if not.

Turtle Boy :

This wasn’t done by me. It is by Tony Rolfes, a friend of mine.

He made this as an homage to me. No. No, he didn’t.

He did it to hurt me.

…more to come!

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  1. I think I can speak for Miles when I say, “I’m not laughing..” :spiderman:
    “Ok, now I’m laughing a little, but only cause of Spidey.”

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