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In the movies, they always make it look like it’s comfortable to lay down on the hood of a car. They tried it, the two of them, and opted to sit on the trunk intead. It just made more sense for their vehicle.

The sun had fallen. An orange haze of twilight sat heavily upon the hills of the horizon. He held her hand. Then, he brought it to his lips and kissed it.

“What are you thinking?” She asked him. In his eyes she could see the orange fade to gray and then to blue before it became the black of space. That nothingness at the crest of a sunset.

He leaned back, his shoulder blades suddenly cold against the back windown. She remained sitting upright. “I’m wondering how it’s going to be. I’m remembering all the details of the mission. I’m thinking about you, and if I’ll ever see you again.” He was scared, but so was she.

It was important for her to be strong right now. “You see the sky? You see, up there, those two stars?”

He nodded.

“You’re that one, on the right. The big, bright star. You sit high up in the sky, boldly, giving the cosmonauts direction and, at the same time, taunting them.”

He smiled at her. Her gaze was on the stars, though, and she didn’t see it.

“I’m the other star. The only other star in the sky. I’m dimmer, smaller, but I’m closer to Earth. And I don’t shine for the cosmonauts. I shine for that other star. And I wait for him to come home.”

But, as she said that, she began to cry. He reached his arms out, and she collapsed into his chest. “Whatever happens up there after launch… whatever happens on reentry… the only thing that will keep me sane is knowing that you and our only will be here waiting.”

She sat up a little, to look into his eyes and to kiss him softly and tenderly – willing all her love for him into his lips.

“Your strength,” he said, “is what gives me the courage to launch myself from this rock to another one. Your love is what will bring me back.”

On the trunk of his car, they held each other, both of them crying and uncertain. The stars shined on but a bit brighter. It was as if they knew that they now played a part in this distant love story.

And the sun went down.


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