Goodnight 2004

First part of news – I hope everyone has been having a great holiday. I’ve been spending a lot of spare time making music, wallpapers, and playing Age of Mythology, my newly bought game. The goal is for all of us here to get way better than Tony so that when he gets back from Florida, we can all kill him.

The medium of the holidays was “dvd”. I got 5 discs of LOTR: ROTK (a bonus disc of a Howard Shore concert). 1 crap DVD my mom got me which may be okay (an Orson Wells flick, but not Citizen Kane). Bryce got me some killer clown DVD. Tony got me Season 3 of the show “24” minus DVD #2. And I bought a 2 disc special edition of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

I’ll be watching stuff until my eyes bleed.

In other news, something horrible happened to my stage.

Here is a picture gallery by Brad Hesser.

Read it here,, or I’ve copied it down below.

Playhouse suffers water damage

By:ELISA SAND, Staff Reporter

The Dakota Prairie Playhouse theater suffered water damage Monday after parts of the building’s sprinkler system were triggered.

In a news release, Dakota State University officials say that some pipes apparently froze and triggered the sprinkler system. Officials don’t know what exactly caused the pipes to freeze.

The damage was discovered at about 10 p.m. during the night watchman’s rounds.

In a news release issued Tuesday morning, Physical Plant Director Pat Keating speculated that a compressor failure could have led to the frozen pipes and subsequent triggering of the sprinkler system in parts of the theater.

For the complete story, see Tuesday’s Daily Leader.

Otherwise, sitewise, I’ve been messing with some plugins in Movable Type and in WordPress. I’m still not sure what kind of move I’m going to do yet. I really like the simplicity of WordPress. I think that I could write quite a few plugins of my own, since it’s MySQL and PHP, both of which I have experience with. On the other hand, I’ve been using MT for a long time, and it is a more popular blogging software, so there are more plugins available. I’m still not sure which direction I’m going to go, yet.

I have, however, installed a World Population plugin and a Text Formatting plugin, which I may never use. You might have noticed that the headers look a little different. This is something called SIIR, courtesy of AxisFive Media Solutions, and it allows me the flexibility of using any True Type Font (of which there are thousands) by means of converting the text to images. The long and short of it is that I can customize the look of my headings without having to worry that some user doesn’t have that font installed. Downside, images load slower and I’m not sure if it’s possible to make it stylesheet dependant.

In world news, the weather is making me nervous. Maybe snow isn’t so bad afterall.

Happy New Year to everyone!

…jan01 soon!