New Year’s Dissolution

This post is a reprinting of an article written by my cousin, David Rausch. He gave me this comment.You can use it if u [sic] want. U [sic] can even edit it a bit by changing the spelling. I’ve never been good with that stuff. Merry Christmas, err. New Years, or somethin.g [sic]

New Years [sic] Resolution: A must read for the unsuspecting New Years [sic] victom [sic]

Hello People.

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions because, by believing I can better myself, I’m saying that I’m not good enough now. That thought lowers my self-esteem. Then, when I find out I can’t keep my resolution, it makes me realize that – while trying to face my fears and better myself – I’ve just cemented the fact that I’ll never be who I want to be. This ends up making me feel lower than I ever have before. And trust me, no amount of crying can get my “Pick a flower every day and name it” resolution back on track.

For those of you who have made New Year’s resolutions in the past, and have been hurt by them, I have found a solution. Make resolutions that are the opposite of improving yourself. Resolve to do bad things, to be mean for no reason, and to swear at things like chairs, or (better yet) things with feelings. Start things on fire because you want to and because others don’t want you to. The list is endless.

But, David. How will this even f***ing work? I say that you already feel dejected and a bit depressed, so doing these bad things that may be out of character for you can’t hurt your self-esteem any more than it already is. You have nothing to lose! You will then begin to appreciate the person you were before, when you had friends.

The next year you can make new resolutions to become the person you were suppose to be, not the person you want to be. This IS an achievable goal (since you already did it), and it will give you “happy feelings”, I’m sure.

If you find you enjoy doing your naughty New Year’s resolutions, then it was a success [as well] (as long as ur not killing people or things). (Or blowing stuff up.) Okay, if you like doing your bad resolutions, get help. Just stay away from me and get professional help so you’re not crazy anymore.

Of course, if you don’t buy into the New Year’s resolution banter, then you really have nothing to worry about. New Year’s resolutions don’t have any hold over me. I’ve denied them throught my life, and will continue to. So, to all of you, I say “Happy New Years:) (like 8 days ago).”

Peace Out.

The FAMOUS David Rausch “Boy of Destiny”

This e-mail was inspired by my Godmother/Aunt/4th Grade Teacher Sue Rausch

…like 8 days ago.