Me And Bryce

Flu says: its business law
Flu says: so you can imagine how lively that’ll be
in development says: Business + Law.
Flu says: just praying to god a friend will be in the same class so i can chit chat with someone
Flu says: right
in development says: No kidding. I don’t think I could ever do your major.
in development says: I’m not into business.
Flu says: comp sci is hard
Flu says: hurts my head just thinking about it
Flu says: but it is much cooler than business
in development says: That’s how we’re different. I hate people and you hate machines.
Flu says: what?
Flu says: no, i don’t think you hate people and i don’t hate machines
Flu says: but i got a laugh out of that
in development says: It made me laugh, too.

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…no one else will laugh!

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  1. Yeah, that’s the best thing for ya. When you have a hard class instead of paying attention just talk to a friend. It always works for me. :confused:

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