Because I’m Not Funny


<zerox-> who has paypal
<KermyAWAY> thousands upon thousands of people
<zerox-> ok who has paypal that would be willing to do me a favor
<KermyAWAY> no one
<zerox-> ok let me rephrase it 1 more time
* SNguyen sets mode: +o zerox-
<@zerox-> who wants to do me a favor or else be banned


The game, Age of Mythology, is one where you sorta play a God character. You control worker units (like regular civilians), military units (like archers) and myth units (like Pegasus). Then there are different types of buildings and you can improve buildings and people. There are 12 total “major” gods that you can choose from. They range from Zues to Isis to Thor to Gaia.

Each God is given a God power. Then, as you progress through the game, you can meet certain criteria to move on to the different ages. You start in Archaic, Classical, Heroic, and Mythic. When you progress to a new age, you can pick between two minor Gods. Each minor God gives you another God power. Some God powers are one-time events (like Earthquake) and some are duration powers, which is what Fimbulwolves is. It lasts 30 seconds or something.

So, Bryce and Tony and Lindsey and I are totally “ga-ga” for this game. We play it all the time.

One of the God powers for one of the Norse minor Gods is called “Fimbulwinter”. What happens when someone casts it is that packs of wolves begin attacking four enemy town centers (town centers are important – you make villagers there and villagers keep your economy going which you need for your army). It’s a great and powerful power. It’s horrible if it’s against you. And what happens is that the screen kinda darkens, and snow starts to fall, and then the wolves appear and begin attacking everything enemy.

So, we were sitting around in Marshall, the four of us, and we were talking about AoM, as it’s called. And Bryce and I hit upon a movie idea for this game. It starts with a playground where all these young children are playing. Then, it gets kinda dark, and the first snow flakes begin to fall. Then panick sets in. Everyone’s screaming, and the wolves come out to feed.

It can both dramatic or really funny. We pictured the children getting torn apart by these wolves, and the nuns who run the school push out the bleeding children because the wolves can smell blood. Then, the snow stops, the screen lightens, and the wolves all collapse and disappear. We hear crying children and screams. Then slowly the nun opens the door, says, “Oh dear God. We need a hero.” and then the title.

We love the idea. So, Bryce, Tony, Linds, and I have all had Fimbulwolves names since Saturday.

“it’s different now that i’m poor and aging / i’ll never see this face again / you go stabbbing / yourself in / the neck”

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  1. I belive the idea stared when i told you guys about how much my roomate hated the Fimbulwolves. That’s what got the ball rolling :lol:

    God damn you Fimbulwolves!!!!!!!

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