Maybe cupid isn’t perfect. Maybe he misses sometimes. Maybe his arrow hits one person harder than the other.

Maybe his arrows can impair as well as enamor. Maybe he can smite as well as smit. And maybe some of us can actually pull the arrow out and pretend we were never struck. And then cupid’s arrow is a dagger.

Remember: Cupido rima con estupido.

2 Replies to “lovelorn”

  1. I like your wallpaper. As well as your Hitler picture. Hitler is great. He is funny, clever, witty….sexy.

    Oh, I have a joke:

    Question: Who was the best Jewish Chef?

    Answer: Hitler

    I think that’s how it goes…I’m not sure, I can’t really remember, but my friend told me it…

  2. Dude,
    some deep thoughts on the nature of a defunct Roman deity. Hope you get that arrow problem of yours taken care of. And that you realise what the symbolism of the “arrow” really is, knowwhatimsaying. :mrgreen:

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