Consider this a contest!

If anyone still checks this site, you’ve seen that it’s grown a little scarce for content. My m.o. lately has been to simply cut-and-paste my way into your hearts. This is not acceptible. Well, it is, but I’m ready for something new.

The humourous prose days of this site may be at an end. For a while, there really wasn’t anything funny to write about, and now I just don’t feel up to it. I’ve been quite busy developing Listen, a fun-sized side project. The site, though, has come a long way, and I’m not just going to toss it out.

What do I need from you? Ideas! What should Awayken.Com become? What would you like to see my creative and misguided coding efforts devoted to next? Or should I just cut my losses and give up? Your input is appreciated (HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!) and I will read every comment made. Of course, in the end, I will probably just do what I want and give credit to no one.

So is your face!

5 Replies to “Awayk-Ummm.Com”

  1. I think you should start updating your website more. Start writing about what is going on in your life or a funny thing that happened to you. All you write about is what poems you wrote, or who’s birthday it is. Lets get some real stuff.

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