I did it

Well, last night I decided that me and Megan had no further to go in our relationships growing period and I took her to Riddles Jewelery and let her pick out a ring. Thank god she picked a cheap one, only $275. Best part is I can pay it off in smaller payments so it doesnt’ break my bank.

It was a very surreal moment. Megan was crying and I don’t think I’m any less of a man for crying myself.

I didn’t do it in any special kind of way, I waiting for her at her blue van when her class finished up and had roses under her windshield. I had gotten her extra set of keys from her house and put the ring on the drivers seat. Then she came out, saw everything and I came out from my hiding spot behind a car in the parking lot.

There was a group of like 4 people who witnessed it, they just kinda smiled, whispered to themselves, and kinda clapped. Being me, I took a bow.

No date is set yet, but it’s pretty big news. I havent’ called anyone yet cause I really havent’ had time. Cause then after that I had Math and Leisure Club meeting and she had RA practice and than we decided we’d tell people at a later date. So sorry everyone, I’ll call later and give you all the specifics once we have them.

Wish us luck.

Copied shamelessly from my brother’s site.

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  1. I don’t drive a blue van, I drive a 2000 Green Grand Prix. I don’t play organized sports, but I work out every day. RAs don’t have practice, but we do have meetings every week. I wouldn’t get a ring from Riddles, rather somewhere in downtown Omaha (like over Spring Break), with very rare stones, I don’t think I want a typical diamond ring.

    Other then that, I guess it’s sort of accurate. Maybe you could have thought of your own version of an April Fool’s Day joke! There is still time….there is always time…well, until midnight, then the day is over….

    :D Have a good April Fool’s Day hunny!!!

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