My New Bed

Hey Kids!

First off, a big round of applause to Tony for posting twice in one day on his site.

Second, I’m considering a total redesign of the website. Not sure yet, not sure how major, and not sure if I’ll wait until after Listen is done or not.

Third, I got a new bed. And I have slept on it. And it was amazing.

I was doing the statistics in my head last night. When I left to go to college, I had had a nice bed at home. When you get to college, though, they make you get a dorm bed. This is a tiny, half-person-sized cots. The kind they give you in the military because you can’t really ever get comfortable, and therefore won’t be sound asleep when some third world country’s militia group manages to slip by our $2 billion of technology to slit your throat.

I spent a year at college, then I went back to Big Stone. In my absense, however, my family had rearranged the house. Now, instead of having my nice bed, Molly had it. So, I was forced to sleep in a bunk bed. I go from cot to bunk bed.

This continues until I decide to stay in Madison for the next summer. My mom goes to an auction and buys me a bed (how sweet of her). Guess what. This one actually has the Pentagon seal on it. It’s the same tiny cot bed I just got out of by moving off campus. How much does my family hate me…

I’ve used that bed for the better part of two years by now. I finally decide that, if I go off to grad school, I don’t want to bring this cruddy, used twin-sized bed with me. I want a real bed. So, with some proding from Megan and her Mom (neither of which wanted to start doing their taxes), I go to Montgomery’s Furniture store. Here they are even having a sale on all matresses.

What did I get? A full-sized Chiro mattress. Now, I’m not for sure, but I think that this link will show you what it looks like.

Last night was my second night with it. I, of course, had needed sheets and such for the bed, and I was busy all day on Monday. So, I decided to trust Megan to get me new sheets (mistake 1), gave her a blank check (mistake 2), and told her she could buy me one pillow (mistake 3). That girl does love to shop.

She did pick very nice looking sheets, bought two pillows (of two different kinds to keep me guessing), and then bought two throw pillows. What do I need with throw pillows? God only knows. I was a bit incredulous, but she did buy everything on sale, which is a good step for her.

Night 1

Night 1 went okay. There was all this buildup to it. Megan had been very excited for my bed, citing “Now you won’t have back problems”, but I think she’s just looking forward to taking naps on Saturday afternoons while I work on homework. In any case, there was much ado about the bed. Would it be magical? Would it fix all my problems? How was it?

Well, it kinda sucked. I used the fluffier pillow first. I was really hot all night, and sweaty, and I should have opened the window more, but Haji was right by the window. Verdict: disappointing.

Night 2

Night 2, however, had much more pressure on it. This night had to redeem Night 1, to set everything right. I chose the firmer pillow, I moved Haji away from the window, and I opened the window all the way. The room was quite a bit cooled down as I fell asleep.

Last night was great. I think I’ll stick with the firmer pillow. And I think Haji will be much happier where she is right now. And I love my new bed.

And, of course, with 6 pillows I can now practice jumping from a second story window. Score!

*page-faulting like crazy*

5 Replies to “My New Bed”

  1. Throw pillows are accents. Adult beds need adult accessories. They make the bed look nice. But, since I knew the point of them would be lost on you, I made sure to get the ones that were on sale.

    They are like the china that sits in the display case; you never use it, it’s for looks.

    I think your new bed is very lovely and I am glad that you won’t have back problems anymore.

    And we weren’t avoiding taxes…we were helping “a good college friend.”

  2. thats all you ever talk about is reworking the site. just do it! you were in minneapolis huh? ive heard that lion king is off the hook

  3. wow, I had something funny to say but after I went through and had to REGISTER WITH TYPEKEY, I forgot what it was. You suck at responding to e-mails, too.

    I think you should buy me and Bob a new comfy bed like yours. We have springs poking through ours and they hurt!

    Anyways, don’t rework the site, throw pillows are awesome, and have a good day.

  4. Hey… do you want to be reimbursed or not??? Let me know all the totals…I have tried to catch you online but fail to find you… mom

  5. Don’t you guys know that if you want to talk to Miles online you have to download IVC or IRD or something like that. It’s the only program he has time for in his busy life. Daaaaa!!!

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