My Regime Begins

I was just checking my Yahoo! mail, and I had 206 bulk mail items. I last cleared it out yesterday. What’s more disturbing is that most of them address me as “Val”, not “Miles”.

Today was the Drama Club’s End of the Year party was tonight. We met in the Karl Mundt Library’s basement. This is where the members of the most dramatic club on campus gather to give each other awards, and then we go home and melt them down into tiny Buddhas.

Tonight was surprising. I didn’t think I would even be nominated for anything this year, considering I hardly did anything. But, to my surprise, I did win a Theatre Service Award for directing… I think… Then I got a nice post-it note cube for writing those two skits, a neat Shakespeare handbag for directing (even though Shakespeare was a playwright), and a $10 in Chamber Bucks for selling the most candles. It was really quite a shock.

Megan won a Theatre Service Award also, and she received a tiny radio boombox thing for having the best costume. Our theme for the evening was The 70’s, so Megan had a green flower dress that she got from Holly, bell-bottom pants, yellow hoop earings, and flowers in her hair. I had grungy jeans, my guards jacket, and a shirt that said, “Make Love, Not War”. Meg and I saw some people at Taco John’s, and they were friends of mine, and when they asked me why I was dressed like that, I told them that it was Vietnam War Reenactment Night at Jersey’s.

HA! I laughed for hours about that.

As intermission, Bob and Matt played some covers of come music from the era of which was aforementioned heretoward above. They do a good job playing them twangers. I enjoyed it.

After the awards were done, we had elections.

President: Miles Rausch
Vice President / Treasurer: Holly Smith
Secretary / Webmaster: Megan Flynn

Homecoming King: Ben Fox (Miles Rausch – alternate)
Homecoming Queen: Megan Flynn (Bob’s guitar – alternate)

Then we handed out the new T-shirts that we never actually ordered. They’re like the old ones (with the same typo), but the colors are inversed. Bam baby!

All shall fear my name

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  1. Awesome post! But, just a little suggestion:), you said “Today was the Drama Club’s End of the Year party was tonight.”

    Hey, at least you posted:P, more then I have done in ages!

  2. Dude,
    I’m gonna be laughing all day now. Vietnam Reinactment Night! how you be so crazy!?

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