End of the Year


I’m done with finals!!

It was long, it was tough, and I am beat right now.

Hey – guess what. May 9th – May 19th I’ll be in Costa Rica. Wanna check on my progress? Check out Charting on Awayken. I will try to post regularly while on my trip, and I will hopefully put up a Vacation / Travel page in it’s place later on.

I wish everyone a great week. I know that some of you still have finals to take (ouch), so I wish you good luck.

Oh, yeah, new theme. It’s pretty neat, but it only really works in Firefox. Eeek.

I can relax for about 24 hours…

3 Replies to “End of the Year”

  1. Have fun in Jamaica! Bring me back some home made chile peppers or something. Don’t get sick on the water, cuz I don’t want you bringing that shit back! Anyways, I dig the design but it bogs down my dinosaur of a computer at work. Oh well. Have fun!

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