How’s this for random.

Yesterday, while conditioning my hair, I decided that my conditioner smells like lobster dipped in melted butter.

Today I decided that it was melted garlic butter.

I’ve been working on a little sub page. Right now you can find it at awayken.com/time. What is it? Well, using the current time in Madison, and the sunrise and sunset times, this page will move the little sun in an arc from left to right. And, the sky will change colors as it gets closer to sunset and further from sunrise. I hope to include the moon, too, but that math proves to be a bit trickier (stupid midnight).

I’m also working on a plugin for iTunes. Winamp5 debuted with a popup notifier telling you what current song is playing (in its modern skins). Most all chat programs have one, email clients have them, even some webpages have them. Now I want to give one to iTunes. There is a very cool program for the Mac called Growl which actually does a lot more than just iTunes notifying. My goal is to make it as pretty as Growl. We’ll see. I’ve made successive steps (and I’m learning C# as I go) and I have some good online resources to consult.

If you haven’t, check out the AIM Beta. And Yahoo! Messenger has a Beta out also. It’s not as impressive as the AIM beta, but it has some nice additions to it. Seriously, AIM Beta. Then, chat with someone, and smile. It’s awesome.

Why can’t you see that you are my child?

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  1. AIM? Oh wait, I bet it’s AOL Instant Messenger! I’m down. I got the 411. I’m hip.

    We aren’t aloud to use AOL. It’s against our contract with gwtc.net or something.

    I think it’s a little disturbing that your hair smells like lobster with garlic butter. Not very attractive Miles :D

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