The O.C.S.I. : Orange County Investigators

Raise your hand if you saw the season finale of CSI.

The typical CSI season ends at episode 23. This season, season 5, the producers decided to extend the season to 25 episodes. They then combined these two into one two-hour episode called “Grave Danger” which was guest directed by Quentin Tarantino.

This was a fantastic ending to a fantastic show and a fantastic season. Everyone outdid themselves with this production. Unfortunately, the finale aired as I was stuck in an airport in Houstan so, to watch it, I had to *eek* download it.

That same night was The O.C. season finale. Raise your hand if you watch The O.C. Now, this isn’t a show that ever thought I would get into. Megan is a huge fan of it, and all her friends are, too. So, she got me to watch a couple of episodes in exchange for her sitting through The West Wing. She doesn’t really have the attention span for West Wing, but I began to get interested in The O.C. One of the impressive things about the show is the spattering of indie music. The band Death Cab for Cutie has even made a few guest appearances as a favorite band of one of the main characters.

So, using the music as an indicator or quality television programming (see Real World versus Road Rules: The Inferno II) I gave the show a chance. I’ve come to enjoy it. So, naturally, since both Megan and I missed out on the season finale for CSI, I *eek* downloaded that season finale, too.

This one wasn’t two hours long or directed by a major screen legend, but it had plenty of emotion and turns. A major character has just died. There’s a funeral. There’s one of his daughters (a mom and wife) who is letting her drinking take over her life. There’s a father who wants to come back into his ex-wife and daughter’s life. There’s a brother who gets mixed up with a drug-dealing high school nympho and agrees to help her with a drug purchase at the bar where he works. There’s a brother who knows that something happened between his brother and his girlfriend but neither of them are talking, so he asks his brother to leave for good. There’s an intervention for the alcholic mom. There’s a confession from the girlfriend to her best friend who confesses to her boyfriend who is the brother’s adopted brother and friend who then tells the brother who then goes to confront his actual brother. That brother has a history of violence, and everyone knows this won’t go well.

Ryan (the violent brother) is driving to confront Trey (his biological brother who tried to rape Ryan’s girlfriend) because he knows about the attempted rape. Seth (Megan’s favorite character – the sarcastic, witty, funny, indie music lover (not unlike a certain writer)) calls Marissa (the girlfriend) in hopes that she can stop Ryan before he gets to Trey’s, since she lives closer. Seth tells Marissa that Summer (Seth’s girlfriend) told him what happened.

Ryan and Trey fight. Marissa shows up. Trey is beating Ryan to a pulp. The Marissa finds the gun that Trey had at the drug deal. Screaming at him, trying to save su amor she shoots Trey. It is too late, as Seth and Summer burst in. Trey collapses. Ryan lays there. The episode ends.

Now, that was a pretty intense ending to an already intense episode. So, how will the next season begin? One word – CSI. Someone has to investigate the crime scene, right? Obviously the entire Las Vegas team couldn’t show up, but maybe Grissom has family in the area. Cue: CSI spinoff in California. CSI: San Franscisco. They almost did it in the Eli episode where Brass drove down to there to save his daughter and find her friend. Why not? Sarah’s from San Fran.

Just think about the possibilities. Just think…

… think….

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  1. That post rocks! Best one ever :D Well, you have a lot of great posts. But this one is pretty damn good!

    I watched Leno last night and Seth…I mean Adam Brody was on. I think I have an addiction. Like in middle school/high school when I went through that Buffy phase…which lasted years. That was crazy (magazines, posters, pop cans with the actors faces on them, figures, books (the whole collection), I even had the Watcher’s Guide and the Yearbook). I think I am better now though…

    I watch CSI daily (on Spike). Greg rocks. Greg and Sara are my favorite. Seth and Marissa are my favorite from OC. Actually Anna and Alex were my favorite girls from the OC, but both of them are gone now:( Miles, you never got to see Anna – she rocked. But Seth picked Summer over her. And it’s all been rocky since then. But hey, if you buy me the Season One DVDs you can see her *hint hint*.

    I also watch A LOT of Law and Order. I have yet to see one I haven’t already seen. I even have tapes of them. You know, when they have those all day marithons. Those rock.

    My order is this (from “favorite” to “still favorite, but not as high”): Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order (original), and Law and Order: Trial By Jury

    I am commenting a lot to make up for the lack of comments, and since its taken me ages to comment.

    Sadly I think this comment is longer than most of my posts. :D

  2. BUY you Season One DVD? I don’t think so. I’m buying MYSELF CSI Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 before I get you The O.C.

    You could get yourself a job and earn an income and get them that way…

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