How to Build a Cake (Random)

Did you love X-Men (imdb) and X2: X-Men United (imdb)? Well, prepare to vomit all through X3. Why? Well, Brian Singer will not be directing it. Brett Ratner will be instead. From what I’ve read, this is entirely the wrong guy for this movie, and Fox is entirely the wrong studio for this movie. The management is a large reason why Singer left Fox studios, although this website paints a different story. And now there is a petition to stop Brett Ratner.

Road to Morocco

Bob Hope: Well, this is a much better than that other idea you had. I can’t believe you wanted to cut open a horse and put me inside. Imagine what I would look like inside a horse.
Bing Crosby and Bob Hope: About the same.

I’ve also started work on my own indie film. It’s called Grit. Right now it is in pre-production. I’ve set up a page on Backpack It! that I will try to keep updated regularly. I should, in the future, set up my own site for Grit and for other indie films that I’ve been in or been involved with. I don’t think I can go too far with hosting the files (we’ll see), but I can have screenshots and other things. There are a lot of things I want to eventually put up on my website. So little time…

Q: How many SS officers does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Ve are asking za questions here.

I built a cake for Megan’s birthday. Then I made brownies (with fudge swirls). My next endeavor: cookies. I’m trying this whole cooking thing. I finally have a nice assortment of kitchen utensils, pots, and pans allowing me to grab a nice range of recipes and crank out some food. I’ve been watching The Food Network. There’s a show on at 5:00pm weekdays called 30 Minute Meals. The plus side of this show is that she shows you how to make a great meal in only 30 minutes. The minus side of this show is that I find her so annoying that I have to watch it on mute. Next time, I’ll add Closed Captioning.

Tonight I made Lemon Chicken Stir Fry, which was really really good. I added celery, pea pods, water chesnuts, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots for veggies. It was a recipe on the back of one of those Kikkoman flavor packets. I did a tiny bit of ad libbing on the veggies, but it turned out great. Some I’ll be cooking real meals more and more often.

Paper or Plastic?

Grissom: Hey, Jim. Did you know that Charles Manson was only 5 foot 2?
Brass: Little guys tend to over-compensate.
Grissom: Do you remember that story about how the police found Manson at his ranch?
Brass (draws gun): Yeah. I, uh, always liked that story.
The two men pull back a tablecloth to reveal a little boy with blood on his head.
Grissom: We need a medic!

This week is devoted to finding an apartment. And, after I find one, I shall purchase it. Or, simply rent it. Then I have to move all my stuff over. *sigh* I hate moving.

We, and I, rearranged our office today. And our air conditioner is fixed. And Tom informed us that we’ll be moving at some point and time. We rearranged after hearing our news of moving (which makes us look dumb), but there really is something to Feng Shui.

Space Conflict

Frylock: You guys couldn’t take over a damn bowl of jello.
Emery: Hey, is that, like, an important place or something?
Oglethorpe: Where is it?!

That’s classic. They don’t even know what jello is. Hell, four-year-olds know what jello is. And when we harness the power of their brains, so will we.

So will we.

4,000 Moltons!