Podcasting Killed My iPod

Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Apple has released iTunes 4.9. The biggest new feature to this release of iTunes is that it now supports podcasting.

A podcast is…

a method of publishing files to the internet, often allowing users to subscribe to a feed and receive new files automatically.

Now, I used to be a huge fan of Winamp. Then AOL got involved, cut the project (more or less), alienated all the talented programmers, and left us a with a floatsam project. So, I began looking for an alternative. iTunes has a lot of features that I really really like. I have way way way too many Smart Playlists. It’s like a database system of music. What I don’t like is how slow iTunes is in Windows.

Then I got into this podcasting thing. Basically, it’s free online radio shows that you download. I used to just download them on my own. Then I could mix them into my playlist on my iPod shuffle, putting nice musical breaks in between the radio shows.

Then iTunes added podcast support. You can go the iTunes Music Store and browse their podcast directory and get any number of podcasts listed there, for free. It’s great and you don’t even need an iPod to enjoy it. They play right in the player. I found all the ones that I was already listening to, plus I picked up some new ones. I put them on my iPod and got ready to listen.

Apparently, my shuffle just HATES to keep my playlist in order when podcasts are around. Clump all the podcasts together, and then play everything that is left over.


That is what I wanted to avoid! Now, maybe I just have to figure it out, or maybe they’ll fix that, or maybe it’s only temporary, but I find it really really frustrating. Why would I want to listen to 4 Dateline shows in a row??? What kind of idiot is running this show??

I’m going to get burned out on The Dismemberment Plan – Ice of Boston. It is currently my top song. And, I just now read that the band has broken up. Great. If you haven’t, start listening to The Secret Handshake. Now.

So, today I’m a little irritated. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the shows I listen to, but I might have to just shuffle this stuff next time.

Last night I baked cookies. I didn’t realize how many cookies you can make in one of those packages. I guess I really didn’t need to purchase four of them. I made chocolate chip and peanut butter. The hardest part was gauging how long to bake them for. I undershot at first. The second hardest part was figuring out how big to make the little clumps. So, the chocolate chip cookies are a little undercooked and big. That’s what you get for going first, stupid!

Ok, that was harsh. I’m sorry.

So, it’s finally cooled off, eh? I can actually sleep at night.

Pay day!