SCAM!! This is not a forward, this is REAL!!

I received this today. Ya best protect ya neck.

Ohhh, I’m sooo mad…

Today in Madison (SD) there was a group of 20-something year olds and they were going door to door selling magazine subscriptions from Atlantic Circulation, Inc. I decided to buy one for my dear mother. I was lerie at first because he was so persuasive and talked really fast. He claimed to be going on a trip to Europe and needed so many points to go by this weekend. He got so many points because I was a college student and that I was buying a gift (none of these points were typed, but handwritten on a card). He also mentioned he was going through 5 states in so many days. He was extremely friendly and asked to come into our house to write the order out. He seemed really hurried. I wrote out a check for $50 and he said something (which we couldn’t understand cuz he talked too fast) and hopped into a red minivan and left in a hurry.

After he left I had a sinking feeling in my gut that I had just been had.

I looked the company up online later and found a long list of complaints against them. Some of the complaints were not getting the full subscription, receiving them late, not being able to get the check returned after cancelling, etc.

I am in the process of cancelling my transaction as we speak.

Please DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from these people!!! They may be legit, but I’m going with my gut feeling. If you do buy and wish to cancel the order, make a copy of the slip before you send it off. I’m not taking chances (again).

Thanks for reading this. Send this to everyone you know.