So, I had this weird dream last night.

Lorelai Gilmore was in a home for the mentally insane. She wasn’t insane, she was pretending in order to escape prosecution. But she keeps breaking character. At one point, she was in the car garage twirling a basketball on her finger, when it flew off and shattered a windshield.

The key to keeping people sure that she was insane (or at least to keeping her in the insane asylum) was a TV commercial. The point of the commercial was for Lorelai to convince people that Rob Corddry is an alien.

The biggest problem is that Lorelai doesn’t take it very seriously, and Rob is really grumpy, though the flesh-colored antennae that we put on his bald head does look pretty boss. I’m not sure if I was in the dream or not. I think I just looked on, but I might have been involved in the commercial production.

Weird. At least Rachel Ray wasn’t there. That would have made it a nightmare.

To Doland!

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  1. I love Gillmore girls… You could have worse dreams… and I think Rachel Ray is perky also…

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