If You’re Bored

You’re bored. You need something to watch, most of which is work friendly (assuming watching any sort of internet video is “work friendly”), and you’ve always been a fan of the indomitable spirit and creativity of student filmakers. And, just maybe, you feel like watching a boyfriend, family member, co-worker, or aquaintance at the same time.

Boy. Do I have your number. I mean website.

You can watch Driven To Distraction. This site, Studenfilms.com, recently asked for films containing the theme of “the road”. Now, our film never ever centered around the road, but we managed to put it in. Some call it after-thought; others call it a genesis. In any case, you can watch all 16 films and see for yourself.

Anyone is allowed to comment / review the films on the site, so feel free to watch the other videos and to review as many as your heart desires. Go and give us stars. We need them to power our scooters or victory.

The film submitters will then submit our top 3 and suggest awards for Best Director, Best Screenwriter, etc…

So. Go waste time.

I know I did.