How To Get BMG Music Service To Quit Calling You

Caller: Hi, this is BMG Music Service. Is Miles there?
Me: Yes…
Caller: Hi, Miles. I see that you cancelled your account with us some time ago, and, because you were such a good customer, we would like to extend a special rejoining deal. With this deal you get 6 CDs for the price of one. Now your address is still 212 1/2 North Harth Avenue?
Me: Uh, did you ask if that was my address?
Caller: What?
Me: Did you ask me if I still live at that address?
Caller: Yes.
Me: Well, actually, I cancelled my BMG account because I’m moving out of the country.
Caller: [slightly more personable] Oh, where are you moving to?
Me: South Africa.
Caller: Wow [obviously taken with how “neat” this is] that is so cool.
Me: Yeah. So, I had to cancel a DVD club, too.
Caller: Wow. That’s a pretty big move. Is it for school or work…?
Me: It’s for work. I got a programming job down there.
Caller: Wow.
Me: I’m actually cleaning my old apartment right now. [Which was actually true.]
Caller: Well, then, I hope you have a good day and have a safe trip.
Me: Thank you. Goodbye.

I think that’ll be that last time they call me.

I think that cooking show hosts have the be the greatest actors on television. People have lots of different food tastes. So, as a food show, you have to show off a lot of those tastes. What if the dish you make sucks? Or if you mess up? Or what if you’re a guest on someone else’s show? You have to act like that food is delicious, even if you want to vomit. On that note, morning show hosts (who tend to have chefs on their shows in lieu of real guests – I mean, who in the world is going to make bacon-wrapped faux crap and goat cheese rolls at 8 in the bloody morning??) also have to be good actors.

“Mmmmmm, that’s delicious.” The biggest lie in television.

Rope is a great movie. I learned something new about it last night, though. Apparently, the movie has a large smattering of homosexual overtones. I guess I never thought about it, but they are two seemingly eligible bachelors living together and have a housekeeper. Though, due to Hollywood “decency” standards, most of the blatant homosexuality was lost. Also, Rupert was supposed to have been involved with one of the boys that he taught, either Kevin, Kenneth, or the two killers (probably one of the two killers).

I’m starving. I pulled out a packet of Kikkoman flavoring for brocolli beef, thinking that I had some beef left in the freezer. Well, I didn’t. I have chicken and pork, so I’m doing brocolli pork with baby corn instead. We’ll see how it goes. It could be great (which I’m hoping) or it could be really awful, and I’ll have to make it up with a frozen pizza. *eek*

One of my favorite blogs is Cinematical. They talk about movies, and most of the authors have a pretty good sense of humour. Of course, I like to make up my own mind about movies, but the news hasn’t been good on Fantastic Four, The Island, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Hollywood makes me cry. This, however, is a quote from one of their recent posts.

Boy, am I relieved. Now Scarlett Johannson and Ewan McGregor will be able to do the voice-overs for that hotly anticipated video game version of The Island. In the game, Johansson will scream and run around, while McGregor attempts to save Dreamworks exec Steven Spielberg and director Michael Bay from sinking a giant pit of quicksand with a rope made of dollar bills tied together – but the rope…. won’t… be…. long…. enough…. so Johansson will jump into the quicksand, saving everyone with her digitally enhanced bosoms. Hey, maybe it will make everyone more money than the movie.

I’m learning how to take photos. Megan wants me to help redo her portfolio. Luckily I have a huge book on just such a thing, but I have no manual on my camera, so I looked online. And, by “online” I mean “ebay”. If I win the the bid, then I gots a manual for my camera.

AND I might be getting two Microsoft Wireless Optical mice. Thank you, Microsoft and bad cellphone service.

I should have said Johannesburg, South Africa.