What Could Be Better?

I’m watching Celebrity Poker Showdown. It stars Dave Foley (still funny after all these years), but guess who today’s guests are? GOB, Tobias, Micheal, and George Sr.’s Secretary from Arrested Development (oh, and some guy from 6 Feet Under).

How great is that? That and storyboarding and screenwriting for Grit is going well, and I’m making some updates to my site. As always. My meal yesterday was fantastic. And I was worried. psh. I have a little bit of a headache. Nothing a swig can’t fix. Eh? Eh??

My guitar is so out of tune. I’m watching The Shining (imdb) today, and I’m taking notes. TV sucks on the weekends. I even started watching Laguna Beach before I snapped out of it and put in Sideways (imdb).

Poker? I just met her!